Home Inspectors as Independent Business Operators by Kenton Shepard.

*The fee for inspecting a home is usually based on the amount of time the inspector estimates it will take to complete the General Home Inspection. A common fee for a 280-square-meter home might be $350, and the inspector might expect to spend up to three hours on the inspection and up to two hours on the report. *

*From *Home Inspectors as Independent Business Operators - InterNACHI](http://www.nachi.org/home-inspectors-independent-business-operators.htm#ixzz1mIlVKnVM)http://www.nachi.org/home-inspectors-independent-business-operators.htm#ixzz1mIlVKnVM](http://www.nachi.org/home-inspectors-independent-business-operators.htm#ixzz1mIlVKnVM)

Why is there a (low) Price listed as an expectation?