Home Inspector's dream...

… attic space :smiley:

Nice, no itch! :slight_smile:

Nice! I’ve become partial to inspecting unvented attics myself, especially in summer. Is that a David Weekly home? They seem to like to use crime scene tape in their attics. I’ve seen quite a few that I would consider crime scenes too.

You are spot on!
The space and cleanliness was nice but the rafter installation quality did merite crime scene tape.

The roof deck was really supporting a few of the rafters :shock:

Nice, yes… I went into one last week the guy had Pergo down everywhere possible !
I made comment, he said he did it so his Wifey could go dancing up there !! Hahaaaa
The other thing he had up there was a bunch of Sonotubes… Bizarre, yes.

Hi William,
You mean you don’t like these types of attic’s? LOL
If only they were all this way.
Have a really good night.

I wish that not only all attics were this clean but also their houses right under them :wink:

Man, you guys dream about clean attics…my dreams are ALOT different!