Home Inspectors get blamed for Seller dishonesty

2 news stories about the same house sale in BC. Seller and realtor were aware of previous water problems and “did not have to disclose” them because they were “fixed” and the second story wants to put the blame on the home inspector who missed something that was covered up!


Some people will do and say anything to make it appear that Canada needs a nationwide law mandating attendance in their schools.

I like the way they finish this off!
“Even though licensed and certified home inspectors have gone through extensive training to recognize signs of defects, there can still be times when they may not be discovered,” said Kluge.
“Hiring a home inspector can greatly reduce the risks of buying a house with problems but it cannot eliminate that risk.”

I wonder what happened to the RHI registered home inspector.

Its a press release.

CAHPI looks to me like they are trying to make them selves look like they are the only home Inspectors that the public should use .
That’s three in two days so I think we can expect more … Roy

The $190,000 settlement was caused by an incompetent RHI.
Is this $50,000 settlement the result of another RHI?
It seems to me that most if not all the problems are the result of the highly trained RHI’s.