Home Inspectors Get No Respect

I just came across this article which is a good read.



I glanced at the article to be honest, didn’t read it through.

I feel respected by buyers, agents and even sellers on the vast majority of my inspections.

I’ve had sellers call me to inspect the home they’re buying because they respected what issues I found inspecting the house they were selling.

One of the things I love about this profession is the appreciation and yes, respect I receive almost daily.

Thanks for sharing.

I may read article if I have some free time but why is to simple.

Most do not charge enough and jump thru all hoops like dogs for treats just to get a job.

I try to act like they are lucky I have time for them :slight_smile:

I am sure it is not the best customer service but I always feel respected by my CLIENTS and that is all I really care about :slight_smile: