Home Inspectors Market

I was wondering if the Chicago area is a saturated market for Home Inspectors? I am not sure how to define the Chicago area, but let us say Chicago and 20 miles from any of its borders.


Check out Illinois Licensed Home Inspectors.
Have you taken pre-licence classes yet? Any experince in trades? Real Estate contacts?

You can email me with other ?s if you’d like.

I have contacted the Bellman group about courses. The next course starts in April. I will sign up for that and probably take some other educational steps. I do not have any trade experience other than relatives in the trades. I do have experience with doing my own remodeling, electrical, plumbing and the such, but am not an expert. I do have relatives who are realtors, although I would not perform inspections for their clients, they can refer me to other realtors.

I really want to do this, my only question is whether I will be able to work. I checked the site you suggeste, but do not know if that number represents a saturated market. It is a total for the state, and is not broken down by area or county. What do you think?

I’ve learned that any area that is densely populated is saturated. My area is so saturated it’s not funny. But I think with the market kind of slow it will weed out a bunch. Actually I know it has.

This is the kind of business that when the market is doing well and your business is thriving, you need to set aside some “downturn” funds. If you can make it through the slow times, eventually your business won’t have slow times.

Most of the inspectors in IL are north of I-80 70%-80%, Chicago has more inspectors than home sales at this point. some full time inspectors are doing part time work to pay bills, don’t quit your day job just yet to step off into the million dollar home inspector market. You may want to get your mold cert, think about thermal imaging, and consider Radon testing. People are looking for one stop shopping.