Home Inspectors, think Nick has your back?

Those of you who are Home Inspectors without a contractors license…


He is NOT on our side, he is on HIS side…be very very careful, he is playing both sides of the fence…

You can’t support both in Florida and maybe he is the CAUSE of the legislation. If you not part of the solution, your part of the problem.

I did email him last night and BCC numerous people so they know it went through asking for his help. He has failed to respond, which in my book speaks volumes…

Russ Hensel

Rusty is obviously a hungry gnome inspector. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you can loan him your other truck, ya know… To get on his good side. :wink:

You mean Nick is a business man ?
Never would have guessed it.:cool:

Never thought of Contractors as the enemy myself.
Maybe in Fla.

Bob did you see the legislation they are trying to pass here? You cannot use a TOOL ANY MEASURING device at all…moisture meter, outlet tester, to name a few…

The people behind this want to see the death of a professional inspection.

If you call playing both sides of a fence and screwing people over being a “good business man” then we disagree…

Nick is successful at what he does. It’s sad that people have to put him down because of it. Hurt people hurt.:wink:

Might be bad timing but any proposed legislation should be fought if unjust.
Does the Contractor forum encourage anything ?

Please bear in mind that it is national forum what I can tell.

Russel, Do you have a link to that legislation?

Robert I am in the feild…tonight I will pass on to you everything I have done to this point and to whom it went to and what I am doing in th near future…

Please call me this PM to remind me…I am still working in the feild with my company and trying to do this and do that…I will PM my cell number

Well some of you boys desired licensing.

How did that work out for you?

Winning political fights requires numbers… big numbers. And they just can’t be found within the inspection industry alone. We’re too small. To win some battles, we have to call in the cavalry. And to call in one, you have to have one.

So lay down and die? Thats what your talking about, the death of the Florida Home Inspection Industry…great…never thought you were that kind of guy. Now we know. If anything good happens it was NOT because Nick wanted or even tried to help us…

Remember for him its win/win when you play both sides of the fence…

Congrats Nick, you seem to always amaze me, just when I think you can get no lower and greedier…you seem to amaze me…congrats!

Thanks for calling us nothing and the contractors your calvary…makes me feel nice and warm all over…

Gee, I wonder if the Contractors Association will have a Code of Ethics with teeth… Nah. :roll:

Without the cavalry… yes. We might as well lay down and die. We just don’t have the numbers within the inspection industry to win without the help from FAR and the Contractors Association.

We’d have lost the Revolutionary War for the same reasons. We just didn’t have the numbers to take on the British alone. France finally sent in 300,000 soldiers (7 times the number of soldiers England had deployed) to help the Continental Army. Did we turn down that assistance? No. And that’s why we won the Revolutionary War.

I know, Americans think that George Washington defeated the British… maybe so. But he had 300,000 French soldiers helping him. 300,000! Numbers matter.

Thanks for the history lesson and letting us know you will do nothing and the professional home inspector in Florida will literally die. Well you made your money off of us…time to move on.

Funny with just bout 7 of us, we contacted lawyers, had calls from Talahassee and call backs from lawyers and legislaters and even talked to the DBPR leader Richard Morrison.

I love it that we should do nothing…I am going to keep this and send it out…makes for a wonderful feeling that the leader that has thousands of members in his association he could care less about what happens to them…

There ya go again…reached another new low…damn your amazing!

With all due respect, I only know of 2 or 3 contactor soldiers that are helping the lowly home inspector. The rest appear to be shooting AT us.

Steve, your are lumping together the two contractor associations in FL. One is very much our enemy and the other is very much our ally.

Yeah what’s with the history lesson? That’s not what’s needed at this point and time for sure. Unless you have some sort of “secret” weapon you aren’t disclosing…


I already disclosed them in post #14.