Home Inspectors, think Nick has your back?

FAR and the Contractor’s Association? That’s the weapon? What are they going to suddenly "deputize’ all of us that are only Inspectors and make us honorary Contractor’s?


They already helped us on this issue. And as I explained, we needed their numbers for this one, just like the Continental Army needed the French to win.

Oh I get it. So, at the expense of the Florida Home Inspector, you’ve beefed up the numbers? Which I guess makes the Licensed Florida Home Inspector a simple “casualty” along the way? That’s sure what it reads like. Sorry but reads that way looking at that “fine” peice of legislation…


Is that how they’ve helped us? With that legislation? If that’s the case then, I could have done without it… Thanks.


Huh? They didn’t propose that rule change. What are you talking about?

Then what help, if any have they provided? is what I’m talking about. I’ve spent the better part of this morning writing my local politicians. because I don’t care to be a a dual licensed inspector. I’m perfectly fine as is and have been.

Humberto, can I be frank without you getting upset with me?

NACHI is not a political association.
It is all about education and vendor sales and has always been that way.

Being 100% honest here ,your best bet working with legislators is the older more established ASHI.

Where does ASHI stand?

I would not hire a painter to do my roof anymore than I would expect political action from this association.

Sometimes you gotta join the other guys as Nick is showing.
He does not market for you but gives you the tools to market and the same holds true here so simply join ASHI as well to get a cavalry as it were.

On this issue, we needed, and got help.

Nothing you can say would upset me Nick.

And yes I understand what you’re saying Bob.

I’m not belittling your efforts. Letter writing counts. Anything you can do most certainly helps. But on this issue, a few dozen inspectors writing letters to their local politicians isn’t going to cut it. We needed help, and we got it.

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I absoulutely agree with you Nick, but for me to sit around and not make the effort just didn’t seem like the right thing to do. If you have something besides what I’ve read here so far and just not going public with it, fantastic. Thanks. If not, then I guess we’re left without much recourse other than to do what I’ve been doing this morning.


Every little bit counts.

Correct, FABI is bigger than ASHI in FL. ASHI is pretty much dead in FL at this point and so is of no use to us on this issue. We needed raw numbers and ASHI just doesn’t have them these days. Numbers really matter.

I am surprised.
Something about the Florida Licensing keeps them out ?

Bravo! FABI and their efforts are what got us here. :roll:

I believe Joe Burkeson has been around long enough to confirm that my depiction of their strategy is accurate. They’ve held on to it for years. It’s just how they think.

Nick you piece of absolute s hit. Are you trying to take credit for something you had no part of? Wow your really a low life f*****.

Me? I never mentioned the issue. Look around the message board, you are the one that started thread after thread with my name in the title.