Home inspectors to meet national standards

Good answer! I will keep everybody informed as things unfold on the CSA issue.

You Kevin, don’t have anything to do with the CSA or the National Certification. You know nothing about it. You don’t even have the NHI designation, but I do!:smiley:

In fact, you admited , on another thread , that you had never heard of the National Occupational Standards for home inspectors.

That document, my friend, identifies the accepted skills necessary to practice the art of home inspection. Not the least of which is the ability to communicate orally and in writing (Skills you don’t have, in writing anyway)

Do you know that I was fishing Doug? I am sorry if you feel so confident about Bill Mullens but I can assure you I am glad you already have your NHI and now it is time to open that up to all other organizations that qualify.
Like I said Bill said it will be an Eye opener and so do I.
BTW we are all using this as it was adopted and followed.

And I am sorry you feel so confident about yourself.

Yuri I am talking to every contact across CANADA and Nick. I also have a meeting to talk to CSA coodinator on Monday.
Nick wants this CSA approval to be established and it is good for all seasoned Inspectors. Is this what Bill wants? I don’t know only time will tell.

Bravo Kevin.
Be nice if Vern was here to tell the INACHI members AGAIN how he was almost left out of some very important meetings with the Alberta government wanting the TRUTH about home inspection associations and their designations.

We going to here that proctored argument again;)

Gee I wonder if all the parties that attended tried to keep the biggest association from entering into the debates.

Did anyone hear the final outcome.:wink:

So again the bravado continues with everyone saying I am the only with the yada yada yada and the Homies being the ones that have to put up with this crap!!!

Everyone at the table showing there wares. everyone seeing what is needed to be able to enter the CSA

Transparency will be the test of quality. Not just the lobbed spokesmen;).

I can not for the life of me understand why members try to put their own members down.
If INACHI members are affiliated with NHICC than you have added more substance to your validity as a HI. Simple as that.

But when your brother INACHI member is doing something for the good of the association you belong to, to bring a more robust meaning the industry and more choice to all home inspectors, you tear him apart.
I can not for the life of me understand what is behind What’s happening.???
Good luck Kevin in what ever you do.

To create an equal playing field for ALL, the home inspection industry and it’s players is no easy task.
To do it volitionality, without financial compensation as the reward at the end is the true essence of devoting oneself to a cause.

Keep up the good work.


Forunately, the ‘big meeting’ is taking place in September and iNACHI is represented along with the other players. In fact, I thik Nick himself is on the attendance list. The goal is to find a common Canadian Standard of Practice for everyone, and every association has been invited. As you are saying, and I agree, that cooperation will help a lot to strengthen our industry and get better consumer confidence.

Bill Mullen

Bill has anyone from the Sault College here come your way for starting the process of CERTIFICATION?

Thanks Bill.
Yes I read the article and wish to attend. Even as a fly on the wall.
I will approach someone.
Nick you listening. I am a good driver if you need a chaffer.:cool:
Happy all the association where welcome. Big time in my books.
The old song Times They are a-Changinrings true.

Bill I admit my shortcoming/s when seen.
I was influenced with propaganda from many members. Admittedly true. So sad.
Water under the bridge. I do not think the bridge was long in span ether.:wink:

I see the news papers are just as bad as MB members at times Bill. HA HA HA.
If they ever fail at being a homie I am sure they could work as an news columnist. HA HA

You know I have nothing against the NHICC Bill.
It just grips me how it got there.

With the past behind us and all things being fair do you ever contact a news publisher if they are wondering from the TRUTH, or FACT?
All the best in September to you and Claude.

I wish Mike Holmes would be put under the mag[size=]nifyin[/size]g glass at his home inspection remediation practices. His renovation practices when he opened that can of worms are less that minimum code at times HA HA HA HA Minimum code??? A little pregnant? NHICC with the only National standard?
Hope that pompous TV start will not be there.

Grinding moldoff of mold/mould. No PPE on the men and the builder did not insure the remediated sub straight was encapsulated to prevent cross contamination.
All the best.

No disrespect to you, Kevin, and I apologize because I know this College is close to your heart, but for confidentiality reasons we are not allowed to divulge people or institutions that correspond with us until and if they have signed an agreement to do so.

For instance, several CAHPI members have signed up but want it kept quiet for now due to the vindictiveness of many CAHPI leaders.

Bill Mullen

Fair enough Bill I did not need names or even how many! I hope they do seek further education and mentoring from that area.

Sorry, Kevin, I misunderstood your question. I thought you were asking if anyone representing Sault College had contacted us.

I will check the applications and see if anyone who took the courses has applied. While I can’t obviously give your names, I can provide some numbers. I won’t get into the NHICC office for a couple days.

Bill Mullen

Yes some of these kids I do know!

C.A.H.P.I.Members having stay quite about joining the NHICC.
As you expressed. NHICC is open to all associations.

I would recommend that the individuals stand tall and promote what they believe in.
How would C.A.H.P.I look with members saying the are being harrased by the leaders not to join NHICC .
Not very progressive thinkers…

This type of mentality that steered me clear of several home inspection association in Canada.