Home inspectors wanted


Aren’t engineers licensed in California?

Apparently yes according to the article. However here is something near and dear to your heart. From the article:

“While sheriffs didn’t say how much the men allegedly profited on the deal, they likely made at least $2,000 to $3,000 per project on potentially several hundred projects over 11 years, according to industry insiders.”

What self respecting Engineer would work for peanuts on commercial properties for that fee? Remember this is California and not Kansas! The cheap prices should have been a tip off to their clients.

The title? What does the article have to do with home inspectors? It’s two non licensed engineers that defrauded a lot of people.

Interesting and sadly this means there are folks that may have structures that had substandard or otherwise compromised designs that may need to be rebuilt. Who’s going to pay for that? Crazy

Just perhaps someone will want to have their home inspected to find out the problems. Perhaps the home inspector will be the guy that can tell them what is wrong. Perhaps the home inspector can save them money and maybe their life. Perhaps a CA inspector will try to help solve a problem. Perhaps a home inspector help them out. That is what.

If it’s false engineering, anything that’s “wrong” would be behind the drywall or under concrete. The major concern with engineering done without a license is how well the building would withstand seismic activity, i.e., an earthquake.

Nearly every home built in Southern California since the early 1960’s is on a slab foundation, so there is no crawlspace or basement to go under the house to check the structure.

Anchor bolts would be behind drywall.

Framing would be behind drywall.

Things like bad electrical, poor roof installation, leaking plumbing, and such, wouldn’t be part of the engineers’ plans.

So I’m with Tim, I don’t see how a home inspector would be able to inspect bad engineering. Not unless all the drywall was ripped out, and the slab foundation was dug up.