Home Inspectors will be next!

"Answering the need for graduate level janitors, Yale University has joined the growing list of ‘ivy league’ colleges to offer the JD or ‘Doctorate of Janitorial Science’ degree program. The intensive six year program is designed to provide highly skilled janitors that will be able to pass the Federal Janitorial Administration license exams. Federal licensure of janitors takes effect in 2007 and requires 500 hours of undergraduate instruction in the field by a certified program and the passage of an exam. Much like the legal profession when the bar exam was enacted, it is expected the labor rate for janitors to go ‘through the roof’ once the license requirement takes effect. Yale reports a three year waiting list for the program has already developed. –Staff"

April Fools…or maybe not.

It’s already here. A certain college in Ontario already has a “post graduate program” level program for Home Inspections. Its been approved and operating for over almost a year now.

Well, we certainly could use more “Post Graduate” educated Home Inspectors in the business. At almost $4000.00 for the program + the OAHI courses + all those inspections they need to perform in order to become RHI’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a three year waiting list to get into the program.:raised:

Many do not know just how dedicated Claude is and has been to the inspection industry.
I believe it was in the late Nineties he had a program .( I think he did this on his own ) (perhaps Claude can add more information) he sent out Minnie exams and questions to all who signed up .
This was I am sure a huge help to many, I know I sure enjoyed them .
Unfortunately I lacked the time to be able to do as much as I would have liked with it back then.
He has always been at the front with many great ideas and still shows how he wants to help so many.
Thanks Claude for being there then and now.
I do not always agree with him but he sure makes me think and I do get a lot of thoughts and information from his posts.
We have been fortunate to have many great ones along the way some who have just given up and others who have moved onto other industries.
Many are still posting and you can see their posts .
By reading these and others posting it gets you and others thinking agree or disagree it definitely has some bearing on our future.
I had a friend once who always took the other side just to help people form different thoughts .
It works and some times gets people upset.
I do want you all to know how much help you have been to me and many others.
Thanks to all . Roy Cooke sr.


What is the college and what do you graduate with? I think that is great. I have always said that a college taught home inspection course is the best credential. In my opinion having a college diploma in home inspections supercedes any association mandates.

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning received approval March 5, 2004 for Home Inspection Graduate Program from the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. This program is designed primarily for technical based graduates from college or university programs such as architecture, construction, and civil-engineering. It has 2 academic semesters in which the participants completes a full program of study of home inspection and building code training.