Home Inspectors will Save our Economy and Environment

That program of funding audits is ending in 2012.

No more.

Utility companies across the nation are also changing those programs.

They exploring a different approach - consumer education.

Who’s the best at that?

That’s fine.

We’ll sse if it really happens.

You can also have them done through many county agencies.

I do Radon testing on about 40% of my inspections @ $125 a pop. I figure $25 return fee so I make an extra $100 on every inspection. At 10 -15 inspections a month, thats an extra $400-600 a month just for dropping off a machine (already paid for many times) at the inspection and picking it up 2 days later. Download the data and email a report. Not a lot of work but certainly worth the time and .


Good for you but your math is off

Not quite.
Read this a little more… http://www.nachi.org/recovery-through-retrofit.htm
A clipboard audit has no blower door, no infrared, no additional training.

InterNACHI inspectors can compete with utility companies - hands down.

The funded audits are worthless to utility companies. They’re changing their ways in 2012.


The Feds have developed a non-diagnostic clipboard energy audit for home inspectors to use at the point of sale. A free audit without consumer education from a trusted professional is not effective.

That’s the first time I’ve heard of a County Agency performing an audit during an InterNACHI inspector’s home inspection.

Ben, pay attention.

Counties do in fact provide energy audit services.

Let’s see if anyone here can make the promises of this new program work.

I’ll change my tune with better evidence.

There’s no tune to change.
The music is the same.

Home inspections with ancillary services at the point of sale.
Energy inspections is just one of many tools.

Ancillary inspections:

Just like MIC, when this bears out as profitable it will be believed.

Let me try to make it easy:
10 inspections times 40% 10x.4 = 4
At $125 minus $25 in cost = $100 4x$100 = $400
15 inspections time 40% 15x.4 = 6
at $125 minus $25 in cost = $100 6x$100 = $600

Yup, my math was right. $400-$600 a month in extra profit.
I wasn’t trying to make it hard.


You are tied in at the national level. Where does RESNET and BPI go at this point?

These proponents of audits have pushed their agendas for some time now. SOme states, including NY, have had their own programs in place for a while and many of us wondered where it all was going.

Some even suggested it would be RESNET/BPI or nothing. This is what they lobbied hard for.

It seems as if at the end of the day, the Feds are moving to a more middle-of-the-road approach; looking for a means to provide some level of saudit and getting more inspectors involved.

Thoughts on the BPI and RESNET programs?

Joe: To sum it up in a short sentence… RESNET out, BPI and InterNACHI in.

You are not accounting for ALL your time and expenses.

Good luck.

If you think your cost is only $25 dollars, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

Listen, I’m glad you all happy with your program.

I just think you should be honest about the actual profit and time spent.

Mike, you have no idea what my expenses are and whether I account for them. I am not a novice is business (I have had many in the past, so I know how to figure my expenses). You just seemed to rush to judgement about the viability of a service that others provide.

“Those that think they know everything really piss off those of us that do”.

Talk about expenses, in Maine you have to be certified, at $200.00 every two years. Plus file a report every year.

It’s the New Energy Economy.

Buildings use ____% of the total energy consumed in the United States, more than any other sector.

Residential buildings are the biggest energy users, with _____% of the total.

Buildings consume _____ % of the total water consumption.

Buildings consume ______ % of the total electricity consumption.

Buildings cause ______ % of the total carbon dioxide emissions.

*(Answers: 40, 22, 12, 68, 39 )

Let’s see if anyone else anyone else actually clears $100 on a $125 Radon test?

Any takers out there?

Time, auto, calibration, equipment, insurance etc. etc. etc.

This is from a article Nick wrote way back in 2003 and i still think it true.


I provide Radon tests myself but do not consider it to have a good profit margin if it is more than about 20 miles from my home.

Like a said earlier it ends up being equivalent to a couple of low paid draw inspections.

I am doing this in reverse and offering free home inspectionsto buyers/sellers with every diagnostic energy audit.

Home inspections and termite inspections are, now, my ancillary services and promotional give-aways.

You do in Missouri or in any other State that regulates energy audits.

What you are suggesting is not an energy audit, but a simple energy survey. As you pointed out, just like the $15 dollar radon test, home owners can do their own surveys for free. Still, like you say, some are willing to pay a couple of bucks to have someone else do them.