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We’ve been kicking around an idea, and I’d love to know what y’all think of it. Has anyone’s client ever asked them to perform a home inventory? We were thinking that this might be a nice ancillary service to provide your past clients—you could walk through their home and document their insurable belongings, storing it securely so that if they ever have an insurance claim, they can point to 3rd-party documentation.


I have thought about it and came to the conclusion that anyone who is smart enough to want it would likely just use their own digital equipment with a date stamp to verify date.

Not hack proof but would likely be enough if they had to go to court or had a dispute.

A lot of folks may not want a 3rd party to know all their valuables and where they are either. Kind of risky no days because of how easy it normally is to tell if folks are home or not vacation etc… Not to bright folks and their privacy settings= bad news and possible break in when valubles are know to be there and where they are.

Just my 2Cents.

Why is there no CENT key like $ key on modern computers?

I was thinking the same thing, Michael. I just didn’t want to throw away the idea without getting a little feedback first. Anyone else have a different perspective?


It has already been thought of and there is software for doing it. There are several single person companies here that do or used to. I looked into doing exactly this thing when I also had a Public Adjustor license as I too saw it as an opportunity. All the feedback I got was there would be very little public participation and the expected fees would be low. Once people are exposed to the idea they quickly figured out they could do it themselves for the price of a cheap digital camera. I saw it as a valuable tool for doing scopes and take offs when doing Public adjustment work as most people never think to document what they have in their homes.

One of the toughest things about PA is getting the “truth” about what was in the home. Old Aunt Tilley’s lamp suddenly became a rare Tiffany lamp after the hurricane struck and it was blown away and lost. Many people’s old junk furniture becomes irreplaceable heirlooms when in fact it is particleboard Melamine crap from Big Lots.

yes there is try ALT 0162 = ¢ ¢


I tried holding alt then hitting 0162 it just makes noise then changes windows

I tried alt 1 alt 2 alt 6 alt 2 and got the 12 above

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look here for info

Windows - Alt Key Numeric Codes

I did one the other day for a former client who was transferred and was in the process of leasing his home. It was empty though. We produced a video of our home, on the advise of our State Farm agent, and have it stored in our safety deposit box just in case our home is destroyed.

Thanks Roy I’ll check it out. I have plenty of time :slight_smile:

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Some insurance companies already do what they call a high value inspection. They hire contractors to go out and get photos of the interior of the home as well as anything of high value. I’ve done a few, they don’t pay much, won’t do them again.