Home Maintenance Book

We love getting emails like this…

*"Dear Russell,

I thank you for the thorough inspection that you provided. I appreciated the time you took to explain to me, in person, the areas of concern about the property. Your ability to tell me about things, like the white powder on concrete, was very helpful to me. This detailed report is full of addition information about each area that you looked at, and has gaven me the resources for checking farther, should I need to.

[size=4]I also appreciated the additional, helpful homeowner guide for maintaining my new home. As a new homeowner, I will more than likely be spending many nights reading this book, to know what I need to do and when to do it.[/size]

Lynn E. Vestnys"*S[size=2]hared by Russell & Jeanne Spriggs, Certified Inspectors


Home maintenance book written specifically for home inspectors to:

  • increase sales; and
  • reduce liability.

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