Home Maintenance Checkup

New way to make money, market yourself, and keep in touch with your clients.
NO COST for the inspector. ALL FREE for your clients.

Email the link to all your clients.
Direct them to call you - for a Checkup, or some other service you provide.

Suggested language: “A while back, I inspected your home. You have a nice home. Now, let’s keep it that way - with HOME MAINTENANCE. And I can help you. Watch this video, download the information, and give me a call.”

It states content unavailable when I try to watch the video,

What is the cost of the complete package?

Try the link again.
There’s no cost! Just email blast your clients and tell them to visit this page.

Check out the SOP to follow. Check out the sample Checklist.


Totally consumer-oriented, and

All downloads stay on InterNACHI’s site.

Check it before you tell all your clients about

Ben, Do you have a Home Maintenance Checkup agreement for the client to sign to limit our liability?
Thanks, Peter

Ben, once I have customer interested and watching video why would I want to send them to checkout inspectorseek. The point is to generate a sale not send to a competitor. I recommend providing an modified version removing inspectorseek then I would embed to my site.

Someone watching a video on your site is an indication they’re highly interested in hiring you - no reason to go elsewhere. FYI: My bro wrote a great article (it’s more like a training session) for inspectors and their websites – a must read for all of us: http://www.nachi.org/brutal.htm