Home Maintenance Plan

I am in the process of putting together an information cd that includes useful links on the Internet for home repair, cost estimates and how 2’s. that I pan on handing out at my inspections. I would also like to include an Internet based home maintenance plan where a person can register for free, or a very small cost, and they will receive email reminders in relation to their home maintenance, and when to do it. Does anyone know of such a site, or use such a service, I have searched google to no success as of yet. Also if anyone is also interested in such a cd, I would be more then happy to share


Message Russel Ray here on Inachi
her has a program of sorts called solutions and if I am correct will do almost exactly what you are looking for.
Last I heard he was selling it for the 99 mark but that was a while ago.

some of the other fellas have it in place and I heard it worked really good.
hope this gets you in the right direction

Subconcious mistake? :slight_smile:

Im interstes in what you find out, Shane, please cue me in on whatever you find.

Ken ,
Must have been, who knows but both end up with RR
so it will be all good

Hey Bill!

   I'd be interested in something like that, should you be successful.

yah me to bill ,i would that info.

Shane & others…try http://www.home-wizard.com/index.asp .

I include a my very own 64-page Home Maintenance Manual in every report.

My clients rave over how much information they have at their fingertips.


Check out my website.

P.S.: I’m interested in that CD…

How do you include it David?

I have a professional bookmaker not too far from my office. They print and bind the “Know Your Home” books for me and I slide these books into a nice personalized blue linen folder with my client’s HI report.

All my HI reports are really thick with lots of information for my clients.

Nice. :smiley:

David, very nice book.

Thank you, Gentlemen.

David: Would it be possible to use your maintenance plan in my reports (with name changes etc.) to fit my location . I do see that it is copyrighted.