Home Makeover

Really tragic evidence of what a lack of a home inspector leads to.
The eight year old home is literally made out of particle board. Stairs caving in, sink falling through ceiling to floor below…etc…amazing!

Really, I think our biggest mission basically, is educating the public to the traps and pitfalls out there, and how they can avoid them. We have an awesome mission!

They just demo’d the house and it literally was like plaster of paris disintegrating! Someone should be sued! :frowning:

New home was built on the crumbling remains of the old construction…Wow!

Can you say shifting?

Any pics

I just realized when I went to repost, after having the first one disappear into cyberspace, that I didn’t make myself clear. It was on the show Extreme Home Makeover.

Sorry for any confusion.

I don’t know. It might be up on the website for Extreme Home Makeover. Not sure.