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Does anyone have a good recipe for killing mold with Borax or Boric Acid? An old timer once told me of a solution he used with Borax laundry detergent and Boric Acid. I have found people using Borax, water, and vinegar, etc… But not Boric Acid. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

No recipe, sorry… but here is a link that some may find informative… it explains the issues with using bleach in attempting to ‘kill’ mold. (Note: it is technically an advert for a product, but gives a good explanation about the bleach issue). Hope it helps.

Thank Jeff. Bleach is definitely not the way to kill mold.

No, it’s not, but most people have no clue why (especially realtors)! I constantly hear them say to “just clean it with a little bleach”. Oy!

Level 1 job - less than total 10 sq ft soap & water scrub.
Then you may treat/cover the area with Kilz.
That bleach thing makes me crazy!
I tell dummy agents if you spray bleach on a plant you killed the plant & it’s a dangerous biocide.
The spores are still present to be possibly allergenic/toxic, you haven’t removed it.

I have used a Borax solution to spray down lightly molded areas.

I have also used Concrobium as an effective mold killer.

Your result may vary.

Good luck.

I’ve heard peroxide will do the trick, but I use Concrobium for small areas…
Mike got to it first again.

Treated but not removed.
It’s OK as long as you seal the area.
I have this stuff for my termite control but used it once on my home for mold. It’s boric acid salt based.

If its dead it will no grow assuming the moisture problem has been dealt with.

I treat areas with light surface discoloration and the borax acts as a preventative.

I remove everything that is reasonable.

I believe the idea behind using borax is changing the PH so the mold has an inhospitable environment. My wife uses vinegar.
Vinegar ph= 2.8
Borax ph= 9.3
Mold likes a ph range of 3-7.
So! It appears to me vinegar would work best.

This is the BEST product. http://www.originalsporiclean.com/

I have used it with great success. When in doubt use more.