Home of the worlds worst weather

My girlfriend and I took a trip up Mount Washington yesterday and what an experience. I’ve hiked it, drove up it, even on a four wheeler and have taken the Cog railroad up it but never in the winter.

Condition were extreme to say the least, -5 actual temperatures but the wind was blowing 40-50 MPH with higher gusts to 60-65 and the wind chill was -50.

We got to the 4300 foot elevation as the snow coach can’t get past the snow drifts to get to the summit. I was a little hesitant on going up under such extreme conditions but was glad I did. It has to be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done and words just can’t describe what it’s like to visit such a hostile environment.

Just thought I would post a few pictures and share, hope you enjoy.

Because of the extreme conditions we were the only ones brave enough to go up and had the van to ourselves.

Outside at the 4000 foot mark the wind was blowing so hard my eyes were watering and the tears instantly froze on my face. I was only able to stay outside for less than 15 minutes to take pictures and felt my skin starting to freeze.

Thanks for posting, great pics…the view up there is amazing!

Thanks Mike.

Here’s a picture from last summer when we took the four wheelers up the auto road. Temperatures at the base were in the mid 60s. By the time we got to the summit it was 40 with ice fog. Visibility above the tree line was less than 10 feet.

Notice the chains securing the building to the mountain.

Amazing and fun pictures, Peter…Thanks!

very nice

Hey Peter, I have hiked up that mountain in my youth and driven to the top about 20 years ago. Your snow coach looks like fun. I would have loved to go up in the empty van…I am surprised they took you as they probably lost money on the trip. While you were having fun I was freezing my a** off in the 6 degree weather doing an inspection…I would have rather been on the mountain.

good stuff…thanks! chains holding it down, that’s great.

Thanks guys, it was fun even though it was so cold.

Hey Pete that sign for the highest wind is not correct I had winds of 278 MPH that hit my home in 1991 F5 Tornado

Peter, you got to make better choices in your vacation trips. like Florida or Colorado. :wink:

Nice pics. I drove up there some 20 years ago and nice view, but it was a little warmer. :slight_smile:

Great photos Peter. The weather doesn’t look so bad from here. :mrgreen:

This has certainly been a wild winter all across the country.
We’re looking at a Nor Easter tomorrow with 12-14 inches of snow!!!

Did you guys ski down the other side?!

Oh, you didn’t find my prescription sunglasses anywhere around that blew off my head last year did you?! :wink:

Same view (a little higher) but In August! Not much greener or “Warmer”! :wink:


Nice picture Dave, sorry no glasses, no skiing either, to damn cold. :smiley:

Brrrrr, I’d forgotten why I moved here…

5-day forcast Colorado Springs.JPG