Home owners have a transferable disease

How do you guys deal with the news that a home owner of the home to be inspected has mono, the flu or HIV???

Mono is not as infectious via cough or sneezing as the common flue. You can wear a mask if it is a concern. HIV is basically a fluid to fluid transmission method and I have no intentions of passing anything with someone I don’t even know. Flu is more contagious but a simple mask can handle that.

When you enter a home you always have the potential to contract something regardless of whether it was reported or not. If you have a serious concern about something you can confirm then you have every right to protect your safety and advise your client you can not enter the home under those conditions. I had to do that once with a flea infested home. It took all of two minutes inside to back out and call off the inspection, after I obtained some pictures of the conditions though.

I have never really considered that. The worst situation I have been in was a sketchy double I was in with an investor client. We did the upper unit first and the people were nice, but filthy. I could barely stand the smell of the home, but we persisted and got it done. Then came time to go downstairs. A real odd guy answered the door and let us in. There was a 5-6 year old little girl and another guy at home. The girl went into her room and we proceeded to enter the residence down a hallway and into the family room. It was packed with clutter, but most noticeable was the unsecured handgun and drugs sitting on the coffee table. I took one picture and walked my client out the door.

I can’t imagine that he bought the place, the living conditions were disgusting and if there had been a carbon monoxide detector in the home they likely would have thrown it out for going off all of the time.

Had one a few months ago where the AGENT was wearing these back plastic gloves.
He offered his elbow instead of a hand shake.
He told me he was getting over “hand, foot, and mouth disease” he contracted from his kid that got it at daycare.
I was pretty nervous about it & felt better one week later I had no symptoms.