Home Prices Nearing Peak

Rally should continue for another year or two.

That’ll be just in time for interest rates to go up.

Interesting article, thanks for sharing. There seems to be an interesting shift that first time buyers are renting longer. They may move in less than 5 years and they want to be sure to have equity. This stalls the moveupers. I am also a Reator and Tulsa is a great market. there seems to be lots of investor buying right now.

Once credit markets prepare for the Federal Reserve to raise short-term rates
later this year, yields on longer-term debt will perk up as well. Look for a brief spike as the Fed gets ready to make its move and investors probably overreact to the news. By year-end, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note should settle around 2.4%, versus 1.9% now.
The average 30-year mortgage will hit 4.1%, up a bit from 3.7% now.
The relatively low rates will last well into 2016. Continued weak inflation
and rock-bottom yields on overseas debt will keep long-term interest rates in the U.S. from rising much…even as the Fed slowly nudges up its short-term benchmark rate.

Source: The Kiplinger Letter April 24, 2015