Home Problems to Review Before Buying (posted by George Johnson)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by George Johnson (from Gary, Indiana). [/ASKNACHI]A 60 amp electrical service panel at a 2,800 square foot home would be: a. undersized; b. oversized; c. the right size

In the bathroom, a good location for a permanently installed ceiling heat lamp is: a. over an empty space so as not to overheat anything; b. over the path of the bathroom door; c. over the toilet seat to keep warm

Isolated links on light fixture pull chains prevent: a. the user from being shocked or b. overheating of the fixture

Fuses do NOT provide protection against: a. short circuits; b. lightning surges; or c. large ground faults

When a well pump comes on and off quickly, this is a:
a. short cycle; b. an intermediate cycle; or c. a long cycle

Exterior plumbing stack vents should be at least 3 feet above operable doors and windows. True or False

When inspecting a boiler, always test the air bleed valves on the radiators. True or False

The purpose of spacing between the exterior deck floorboards is to allow rainwater to pass through. True or False ; or Other reason

a. b. and or c.

Is this an interview? I get the feeling you already know the answers. . .

some one is looking for answers to the NACHI exam

Is this a quiz? If I’d known there was gonna be a test, I’d have studied…

If a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody around to hear it does it still make noise?

C: Only a blonde can hear it.

C: That’s an ASHI answer

If a poster posts a post of questions from the NACHI exam without explanation, then the poster posting is

A. Fishing for answers
B. A confused ASHI guy
C. Just plain dumb
D. All of the above

Ok, I’ll bite. Yes, go ahead and test those bleeder valves, especially on the lower levels of the building, and more especially if they look a little rusty. Bring a mop.