Home Repair Rip-Offs. Please proof this new inspection article.

Home Repair Rip-Offs.

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Your seem to have hit many of the topic points.
Sadly I know of a few past cons that would pull the driveway sealing scam.

“Beware of any contractor who shows up at your door unannounced or calls you on the phone. Con artists must move every so often to frustrate law enforcement, so they have no fixed address and rely on door-to-door or phone solicitation. For the same reason, their invoices may contain only a P.O. box rather than a street address, and their van may have a magnetic sign rather than a painted-on logo.”

While this can be true…
There are also very honest and probably great contractors just starting out that are unable to afford proper marketing or painted on logos, and therefore must rely on a door to door approach and magnetic signs.

Untill 4 months ago I was still using magnetic signs, and one of your approaches to marketing Move-In-Certified Inspections is a door to door approach.

You should check the contractors credentials. make sure that licenses are valid and ask for references.

Thanks. The economy is bring out the bad guys everywhere.

You’re right, I deleted that part

We all know and express our sorrow to the family. This happened here in KC this past week. The father and grandfather were inspectors I understand