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Hello Nick,

I hope everything is well with you. I want to thank you for link to out site and the kind words you have put on your site. I have people from time to time that tell me such nice things you say about out products.

I am busy these days. We now have a new and improved website with on-line shopping. I hope you will go and check out the new site. http://www.hreporters.com Let me know what you think of the new site. We have a link to NACHI on the links page at http://www.hreporters.com/More/links.html. If there is a paragraph you would included just send it to me.

We are currently working on computerizing the home reporter inspection systems. It should be ready for sale in late January. I will send you a message when the software is complete.

Dee Irby
Home Reporter Systems

Nick Gromicko

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