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A recent report by the Home Safety Council found that accidents in the home result in nearly 20,000 fatalities each year at a cost of $386 billion! Those are staggering numbers.

The top five causes?

1. Falls
2. Poisonings
3. Fires/burns
4. Choking/suffocation
5. Drownings

Folks, at least numbers 1, 3, and 5 can be affected by US. Simple paragraphs and info on fall protection devices(widows, stairs), Smoke alarms and fire escape plans, and water safety (especially for homes with pools) can be enough to get homeowners thinking about those things and save their lives. You do not need too recommend that they put a gate at the top of stairs when they have little kids, just add a simple paragraph to your reports asking them to refer to info provided by groups like CPSC or HSC.

It costs you nothing and may save your client their most important asset.

Daniel R Frend
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