Home sales best since 2006.

Depends upon your area. Not KC. Probably a national average. Lots of retirees moving south.

Expect December and January to be way down with the weather.

Bob, just got off the phone with Dan Bowers. He has lots of HI friends, most of which have had no inspections this month. HI’s here are at home, doing work ahead of the summer. I have only one inspection so far this month. Cold and snow will heavily affect sales for sure. 10" of snow the last two days. Temps steady at 10 degrees or less. All schools are closed.

Time to get in some InterNACHI CEU tests, check report software, tool inventory, plan spring marketing, do some laundry, etc.

Bet it is like that most areas so far however it will get crazy once weather breaks.
Fully booked this weekend myself .
January was less than 50% of 2013 but it is temporary.

I think 2014 will be good but not as good as 2013 for the industry in general though personally expect more.

Need to make up for the suffocating Obama care costs.

Two snow storms in January here, which means everything shuts down. I had my best month ever :slight_smile:

Me too Troy, stupid busy. February is already on pace to crush last Feb. Keep on keeping on dude and we will rule HR!

I had 3 commercial inspections and 5 home inspections last week.
This week I had 2 commercial inspections, two 3 flats and 4 home inspections.
And over $6k on a good pick.:wink:
Oh, and I didn’t have to sell my clients’ personal info.

January yelded 33 inspections for me. Single digit temps and all.
Seven so far for feb with 5 next week scheduled.

You got that right brother :slight_smile:

No doubt the work will always be there for us serious Home Inspectors.
Except for in certain rural areas people will always buy and sell.

January was not terrible ,just got spoiled last year when I was slammed with multi unit inspections.

It is relatively easy to book jobs with the many marketing options available.

Heck if I ever got slow there is Google ads,Craigslist,FaceBook ads,Blogging,Websites seo improvement,Draw Inspections,Email newsletters,Recall Check,Contacting and Networking,Office presentations,Home adviser,Construction Deal,Thumbtack,Hud inspection,Thermal Imaging,Mold inspection,Radon testing just to name a few.

Not doing any of the above but it shows anyone who wants work can get it.

I hear Florida is the start of alot of the housing trends. Meaning when it goes into the crapper, Florida is the first one there.

Well I am telling you, if we are the start of something, then be ready for this spring and summer. The housing market here is now a sellers market. They tell people, if you don’t want it, as is, don’t worry we have 3 back up offers…

Crazy here will less and less desirable inventory.

busy here, cant speak for the state, but last January was my best one, and this year passed that one, typically Jan and December have always been my worst two months

That makes inspection even more important as a last option to get out of the deal should there be issues effecting evaluation of what is most likely a higher priced property.3 days ago I did a TownHouse which had 14 other offers on it and was being sold to my client $40,000 over original listed price.

Client an Agent knows what to look for better than a regular client but once I got in everything I looked at needed money thrown at it.

Foundation cracking with movement from a tree nearby so add $5,000 in repair work with $2,000 for tree removal,every appliance not functioning and or hooked up improperly.Bad wiring through out,laundry vent into the garage,separated floor slats throughout,loose fixtures and toilets,and by the time I got through a few other components the inspection was cut short.

My client will be getting his earnest money back as we are the last chance to get out before being stuck.

No doubt the place will be sold to one of the other 14 bidders that is too dumb to get a Home Inspection.

I’ve heard that same sentiment here, over the winter. “As is, I aint fixing anything…”. I figure inventory is naturally lower in the winter time anyway, so that happens. More homes hit the market in spring, we will find out.

My best January ever. February has started out good.

Some areas here have been experiencing bidding wars for at least the last 6 months.

I see no end in sight and things still heading in an ever steeper upward trajectory.

I can’t imagine things will continue to blast ahead for much longer, and would anticiapte a settling in phase of normal growth for a while. Areas that were depressed in regards to home sales are simply adjusting to the fact their prices are undervalued. People can only afford so much, and the surge is fueled by most sitting on their hands combined with the “don’t get left behind” thinking spurred on by the chatter of home prices rising.
FL is a great example for the fact that you add expensive insurance costs and taxes to a regular home loan and your mortgage could double. Homes have been bought up and put back on the market within months, tacking on an extra 20 to 50K. This is the same mental stupidity that ballooned the last bubble.
Once obamacare busts out in full swing, the people like myself and younger, that are the base of home buyers may not be able to afford as much. My insurance will double after dec to over 600 for a compareable rate. The young and healty will fund the old, those with 8 kids and welfare, and the aids victims that couldn’t get healthcare before because of their own personal choices to be irresponsible.
While my insurance doubled, Wanye’s decreased. I am glad for others, but there is no free money.

Tacking on increased healthcare, rising food, goods and fuel prices, and the logic is not there for explosive home sales growth.
If it does then we are doomed to repeat the failure sooner than we think. Knowing the general public, it may happen, as it seems to be. Everything cannot increase at once.
The clout of market stability will fuel forward thinking for the next few years.
Better get rid of that gold and silver, its falling like a rock.

I was following along until the gold remark. The fed tapered QE twice and gold didn’t budge. What’s that say?

Anyway, a lot of new families still living in their momma’s basement and more being formed every day. They all want to buy a house. People have to die and people have to buy homes. They can’t download us, offshore us to India, or make robots that can inspect homes. Like funeral directors, we’ll never be out of work.

I figured you would disagree on that one.
They both can’t go up Nick. It’s either one or the other. gold or the economy. At the end of the day its only worth what someone will give, its just stuff from the ground. The economy is slowly getting better and gold/silver is slowly going down.