Home Sales Fall 10% in November

I have suspected this for quite sometime. Home sales are down nationwide over 10% in November, the lowest since 2010. Article says that it is blamed on “new paperwork regulations”.


They just cannot admit that the housing market is still depressed. They keep updating false statements of home sales made months ago. With the new age of computers and quick media, they just do not seem to ever get it right.

The article doesn’t say lowest since 2010, it says sharpest decline since 2010.

Big difference.

And anyone who’s been following the roll out of TRID would know this was expected once the new paper work rules went into effect.

But sadly, too many agents, brokers and others stuck there head in the sand and didn’t pay attention to the new mandates, causing needless delays in closing, even though the CFPB delayed rolling out TRID numerous times to allow people to get acclimated.

Slowed down in November for sure but that’s to be expected. If this is a depressed real estate market I can’t wait to see a good one.

Geff, I do believe it will happen. I started in 2000 when home sales were kicking really good. 450-500 inspections per year on my own. Since 2008 I have done half that, and some years even lower. Most all of us know the drill.

However, the NAR and all local agent associations always inflate figures, all to make everyone “feel good” about purchasing homes.

With many millennials still living in their parent’s basement, and attempting to pay their student loans, etc. home sales will most likely be flat. With the new paperwork reporting, figures may not look too good next year.

Hang in there.

Home sales, prices continue to climb in Alachua County

Depends on where you’re at. One cousin is the state capital where he lives and works (owner of RE Company) and says their market is in the outhouse. BUT go 35 miles away to a college town where a nephew lives (builder) and he says gang busters.

Always gets slow in winter so hard to judge at this time.

I’m up 35% over last year this time. If you don’t market when your slammed in the summer you will be slow in the winter.

December was a record month for us.

Exactly. I just finished my busiest week of the year last week.

I’m very busy for year end… I may have one stop left open til next year. However, I guess I figured out awhile ago, I can’t control everything, only what I do. If the market or activity screeched to a halt, I would plug away the best I could, what else can i do?

Things always get a little weird this time of year just because of holidays messing around with schedules. That said last week was just as busy a Summertime week.

Saw monthly record closings in the Cincinnati market all summer but seeing a slight slow down during winter.

Nothing unexpected and am confident the RE boom will continue next year.

Some areas here are experiencing bidding wars and many homes go under contract before they get listed.

It’s a good time to be in the RE business, at least in SW Ohio.

Not setting the world afire, but as of today … Only 3 jobs on the books for the rest of the year and we’re exactly 25% up from last year.

I was talking about the market .

I am buried. Still turning down work.

My girlfriend’s real estate company is buried also.

HI’s that tell others about how they are booked, and double business this year, I believe, are not telling really how it is. They try to make others feel good, and try to impress other REA’s to get more business. They should tell it like it is, so their reports reflect what is really true.

This year I am up only 5% from 2014. No inspections the last 6 days, and none on the schedule. Typical for this time of year.
Considering getting out, selling my business soon and retiring. Just not enough business. Or, I need to reduce my prices by half, to match the $399 guys with termite and radon on any size home. My former corporation wants me to start collecting my pension anyway.

Another false story?. Which one is correct? This one, or the one in post #1? Crazy.


First post was for November. Now, this one is for October, and comes out later than the first one.

Oh. I see. The post #1 link is for home sales. This one is for home pricing. Hard to tell the difference. IMO, home sales rise because new home prices go up, and the supplies they build them with, increase. Gesh. Have you seen the price of a 2x4 lately?