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Good for HI’s or Bad for HI’s ?

Bad Bad Bad

This is what I received for posting this link:


Home sales 6/25/07 2:52 PM Hi Todd. You sold out of HI.

RED square. LOL :roll:

Here is another one:


Home sales 6/25/07 3:58 PM Well, you did sell out.

I guess I should not post any helpfull or informative information.

It is very good for the inspectors who are willing to stick it out. :wink:

More marketing! :cool:

Point taken, but I really had no choice in the matter. It is a long story (ask Paul)

Anyway I think you are 100% correct as those that can weather the storm will end up with far fewer HI’s in there market and therefore more work (if you are any good):stuck_out_tongue:

Also, as one poster pointed out this is the time for some serious marketing.

Make the lag usefull and hit the market hard!

I know I am not doing HI’s at this time, but I still know what is what.

By the way this comes to you via the laptop I won in the Foundation for SAFER HOUSING
raffle. :smiley:

Hey Todd :cool:

I was not referring to you about “those sticking it out.” I already knew you had something else going on.

Take Care,