Home Savvy eMagazine brought to you by an InterNACHI member.


Nick, I’m curious why the post. What are you trying to tell us? A lot of INACHI members provide Home Savvy for our clients and agents.


I am very happy with mine. I am just about ready to start promoting sub-accounts to the agents.




Very nice Greg. I did not realize you could change the name of it.
Anyway it is very nice and I hope it serves you well.

By far the best one I have seen yet.

Frank, FYI Most areas of Home savvy are customizable. Only the text and pictures are locked. At no charge you can give this marketing monster to RE agents to send to all their e-mail contacts(with your info incorporated in it).


This tool can be used simply as a newsletter or thoroughly modified with endless possibilities, all at the same cost as a simple newsletter.
For anyone who wants more info. contact myself or:

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for the compliment. You can also have it directed to your own web site.


Homesavvy magazine is a great media,