Home Security in Canada


Selecting an Alarm Company
It is essential that you focus your attention on selecting a qualified alarm company that is in a position to design a system which will meet your needs, no matter how great or small.

Comparing Quotes
Give some consideration to what you may be looking for in a system. Once you begin the process, it is important to remain consistent when dealing with competing quotes otherwise you will not be in a position to compare apples to apples. An on-site evaluation by the alarm company is recommended before an educated quote can be provided to you.

Types of Security Systems
There are many different security system products in the market; however, a security system is not something that you should buy off the shelf. It should be customized to meet your needs and finances.

Alarm System Basics
A basic alarm system will take a two stage approach to securing your premise. The first will monitor the perimeter access points (doors and windows), the second will monitor the interior by detecting movement inside the premise (motion detectors, etc.) A combination of perimeter and interior detection is the most commonly used, however, either may be used independently depending on your needs and requirements.

Why Buy an Alarm System
Various researches as proved that the majority of break-ins are done on premises which do not have any type of electronic alarm device. Furthermore, a home without a security system is 2 to 3 times more likely to be invaded. The effort to install an alarm system is negligible compared to the added security it can provide you and your family.

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Yep not needed not wanted

Letter below I sent to them ,

Poor Taste
To The Manager .
Extreme poor taste you now have about 5,000 Canadian Home Inspectors who feel your company has made a big error posting on the NACHI Forum

Roy Cooke

Nice one Roy. Well done.

How is this “spam” when an alarm systems salesman is presently dominating the message board … providing various products and gimmicks that harvest the personal and private information of the inspectors’ clients that allows the salesman to market alarm systems directly to home buyers … and then pay kickbacks to inspectors who have clients buy from him?

I don’t get it.

This guy is simply trying to cash in on the same scams.

Mr. Bryant … if Canadian inspectors were to sell their clients’ personal data to you in exchange for kickbacks when they buy a system, would you be willing to send Nick Gromicko a green shirt? If so, you can qualify as a fully bonafide and protected vendor, here.

Gentlemen … this is not “spam”. This is what is now referred to as “marketing” and will make you a “successful” home inspector. Inspectors are keeping their financial benefit derived from selling their clients’ private information secret and it even violates certain laws in licensed states … but, hey. It makes you a buck … and that is all that really counts. Right?

This thread might eventually be deleted … but not because it is “spam” but because it competes with a vendor who has already cornered the NACHI market for the theft of personal information from home buyers and paying their inspectors a kickback for selling it to him.