Home Show

I was able to go to this years Home Show and I spend all my time going isle to isle talking to contractors and vendors on various products.

I like to stay informed on the new products and also like to see some of the inferior products some are trying to sell.

There must be 20+ gutter covers, same with basement waterproofing materials.

I spoke to roofers about various areas I typically see with inadequate ventilation and flashing installs. Most claim they do it right by I wonder why many do not.

Lots of various types of insulation methods. Cool watching the demos.

I like talking to plumbers, HVAC specialists and other trade professionals.

I have a bag of brochures and literature to sort through. Some I can use to enhance my reports. I can also use to identify new products.

On my wish list is an enclosed patio, hot tub, deck. Soft wall or similar product for basement finishing. Also I think I want to have hardie board on my house as the 1960s cedar is beginning to weather. It was interesting talking to the james hardie rep. They are taking away work from the vinyl siding, and glad as vinyl is cheap and suspect to heat damage.

If you get a chance go to your nearest cities home show. Cleveland’s is one of the best and if anyone wants to go next year I would be glad to accompany you. I actually saved money on my Angie’s membership and enjoyed the 5 hour energy booth.

I thought I noted one of my fellow inspectors as there vehicle was there. See pic.

Home Show 010 (Small).JPG

Home Show 006 (Small) (2).JPG

Home Show 009 (Small).JPG

Home Show 008 (Small).JPG

We have three home shows here every year. All inspectors should attend theirs every year, as do I. You can learn what contractors are good or not. Check out the latest appliances. Great point, and reminder. Is that your inspection truck?

Look into this first:

Sanford and Sons truck wasn’t it a Ford?


the guys running the booths at the shows probably dont get to the job site often if, at all. take it all in with a grain of salt, my friend

I love the Home Shows! Any real benifit to having a booth as a Home Inspector? I think about it every year. Any of you had any real results from a booth, other than getting your name out there?

Waste of money, a booth is expensive. Use your dollars elsewhere. I get contacted every year to go.

Must’ve missed ya Dave. I was there on Saturday when we got the snow and high winds. Was nice driving thru a whiteout

The ICF PIC is great. Boy, that would make for a great real estate agent sales meeting presentation by an inspector. I wonder if that company would sell InterNACHI a few of those. In turn, I’d loan them out to members. I bet they are fairly light.

I went the day before on Friday, I was there when it opened. I saved the blizzard for my inspection. I was glad I had my new Jeep!!

Maybe we can hookup at next years show.

I have there information if you would like.

Holdfast Technologies 1/877/423/2562

I have only seen this once at an inspection, posted on this board to discuss.

Let me know how it works out.

OK. I’ll call them.

Let me know what they say, you going to have Kenton build one and do a INachi TV show on ICF??