Home test for Xylene?

I’m looking for a test that can test levels of Xylene in a home. I know someone that has a hard time metabolizing it and I’m concerned there may be some in her house that she’s unaware of.

Call EMSL and have a discussion with their people…

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Are you a Doctor or Toxicologist? Seems like a pretty wild ass guess. With sufficient exposure everyone has a difficulty “metabolizing” it. It primary use is solvents, paint thinners, gasolines and occurs most often in industrial areas.

I usually do the “lick” test for Xylene.


Is that a smart ass remark Bob? It’s not a “guess”. No I’m not a doctor but she is and has been tested for it, and she doesn’t metabolize it like most of us do so it stays in her system longer, but what business is that of yours and what does it have to do with anything?

I’m trying to come up with a solution…that’s all. Have a great day!


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Are you suspecting there could be xylene vapor/off gassing in the house?

All kidding aside, I am not sure why you are here looking for information on Xylene testing. This is out of the SOP for any HI. There is a lot of information on the internet, some links posted in previous responses.
Good luck

Thank you Jeffrey…I will try that

Hi Joseph. Yes there is. I just kind of thought this might be a good place to ask for people from their own experience. Thank you.

My experience is that a professional laboratory such as EMSL is needed to advise on the method to capture a sample of the suspected contaminate/VOC, and then to analyze the sample for any actual contaminates/VOCs and their identity.
IMO… the typical course of action would be to refer the client to an Industrial Hygienist.

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Thank you Jeffrey!

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That is a solvent like paint thinner. It would be a rare chemical in a home. I knew a man who worked on a highway paint striping crew that got his clothes soaked with xylene while cleaning the hoses. He died about 2 years later due to nerve and kidney failure.

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Considering the crap coming out of China and other such countries, it may not be as rare as it is believed to be. There are all sorts of chemicals off-gassing from various household materials, eg. carpeting, sofa’s/chairs, etc.

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No it’s not a “Smart Ass” remark. Everybody wants to self-diagnose or play doctor. Since you are neither doctor or toxicologist I’m confident you will do more harm then good. Your hyper-defensive attitude is off to a good start. If you truly cared for this individual you’d get them professional help instead of DIY.

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