Home that's converted to a dentist office

Can we inspect homes that have been converted to a medical office?

Yes and it helps if you are qualified to inspect commercial.


I’m just curious how do you treat this type of inspection? Do you just inspect the structure as you would a home?

Are you familiar with the proper installation of medical gas? I was licensed as a medical gas fitter and it’s a very complex system.

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Depends on the agreed-upon scope of work. Does the client want a home inspection or a commercial inspection?

Best be clear about what is included in the inspection! Martin made a good point about medical gas. There will be other systems to consider as well.


Got it. I know that electrically there are extra bonding requirements for patient care areas which can be complicated as well.


Not only ‘Commercial’, but “Medical Commercial”.
As Robert touched on, not only Bonding, but Service for Specialized EQ such as Radiology/X-ray and other such Lab EQ, which most Medical offices have to some degree nowadays. Even if the EQ has been removed, the wiring is typically left in place, and in need of observing, reporting on.

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I regularly do specialty/commercial properties but am clear with the client upfront and in the report that I’m not inspecting the business-specific/specialty equipment. Otherwise the inspection is no different… actually, it’s usually easier. I’ll often also throw in a disclaimer about ADA, business occupancy permits, etc. It’s common for municipalities to use the opportunity of a change in ownership to require a bunch of updating.

There’s an old pub near my place in Oregon that’s on septic and has tiny little bathrooms. I was talking with the owner once and he’s unable to do much of anything with the building or he’d be required to update both of those things at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars.

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And in your written proposal.

It is no longer a Home Inspection as it is not a residence.
So home inspection standards no longer apply. See your state rules.