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Just saw in the new alert that the warranty company is going to start calling my customers. I don’t mind allowing the warranty information to be there for them to choose if they want but if they are going to start calling my customers, I will turn it off.

I know some of my customers have chosen to purchase tha warranty. This will result in a loss of business to the warranty company. Thes calls should only be done if we opt in to that, not hust saying that they are foing to do it regardless.

In the same caption it shows you how to turn it off. So the choice is yours. I do know that the warranty program has paid out tens of thousands of dollars for many users. This is not supposed to be an aggressive sales call and the company plans to email them alerting them of a courtesy call.

Bottom line, if you think its to much then turn off that option.

Russell, The thing is I would like to give my customers the option of seeing the warranty. What I do not like is them being solicited by a 3rd party without their request or authorization.

I tell my customers that I will not provide their information to anyone else without their approval. I take that promise seriously. I know I absolutely hate when I get calls from telemarketers and, if I found out that someone I dealt with gave them my information, I would never, never, never deal with that company again.

I will not subject my customers to that. Unfortunately, I will be turning the warranty option off!!!


I have one last question. Will those calls start at a certain date or do I need to call previous customers and tell them that their information was taken from the site without my authorization?

Robert if you read my post above its pretty clear. Turn it off and no one will call.

I am glad that you liked it being on passively. I can get the actual numbers but hundreds of thousands of dollars has been paid out to buyers while many of our HG users slept soundly not getting calls. We here at HG spend money and time with many buyers calling in asking questions about the warranty and it actually costs us. I told the warranty company they need to step up and do more because I would rather have my support team talking to inspectors and not buyers about the warranty program. For the benefit of our users I don’t want the program to go away. However, if it did, I would be better off regarding my support team. So, if you like the warranty program the buyer (not all of them because they are just too many), will get an email from the warranty company explaining how they have been qualified to get a warranty that guarantees the inspector’s covered items and plan to get a courtesy call. That’s it. One time call and no aggressive telemarketer. If I start to get complaints any different, I will shut this program down myself. If you don’t like the warranty program, then turn it off and no one will be called. Plain and simple

As I said Russell, I like the program, or at least allowing my customers the option. Unfortunately this is going against my privacy policy in that it amounts to me giving their personal information to a 3rd party.

I am sure that you enjoy receiving unsolicited calls when your information is given away without your knowlege, Unfortuanely most people, myself included, do not.

I have already shut off the warrany program notifications.

Sarcasm noted. This call is related to your home inspection qualifying them on a warranty. Not exactly the same, but I am glad you turned it off.

ADT did this and my phone started ringing with complaints. I shut them off and sent a mass email apology. NO ONE gets client info anymore unless client ask it to be forwarded.

That’s why we have an opt out ability. I have warned the warranty company and they assure me that its a one time courtesy call. My point is we have dozens of positive inquiry calls a day from buyers about the warranty. Its a great warranty that backs up the inspector. Its not about a security alarm. But If I start getting complaints then I will stop it and consider removing the warranty program altogether because its not cost effective for my support team to be talking with buyers about the warranty when they can be helping the inspector.

I’m surprised your collecting my customers information at all. I didn’t know that was happening. I am not sure how I feel about it. Time to review your privacy policy…

We store it would be a better word. We have other programs like HON, Source one, ADT 24 that if you are opted in to those programs they get your buyers info. We don’t have any monetary interest in these companies and mainly do the integration because a lot of our inspectors wanted us too.

The bottom line is that we don’t access any of the info and never have without some program and give you the ability to opt out.

Sign in at your Dashboard and look under Partners and there you can opt out of any program. A lot of these integrations only cost us money and time and energy without any real compensation to us. It’s mainly for the inspectors and whatever the partner said he will pay or do for the inspector

There is another similar thread at Facebook HG users:

Something important to note: I decided to get some real numbers: This warranty program just for HG users so far has paid out $490,284.00 on 917 claims. That’s a half a million dollars!

It would be great to see what happens and see if it is a positive experience this courtesy call. Those of you who want to see, please let me know if you do get any negative feedback. Email me or let me know.

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Russell Buchanan You have the option of turning it off but as far as compensation to the inspector it has literally paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars protecting our HG users. I am just tired of the call volume while positive with buyers inquiries. I have,asked them to step up to eliminate HG support having to answer calls about the,warranty. You can opt out at your Dashboard under partners. HG has not seen any real compensation but it has helped our inspectors a lot.
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Ed Chatterton So home warranty is calling our past customers… If so I will disable it
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Skyler Phillips It sounds like I was incorrect Ed. They will only call future clients. Russell Buchanan is that correct?
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Russell Buchanan Only customers going forward and trust me only those they have the manpower to call.
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Russell Buchanan Something important to note: I decided to get some real numbers: This warranty program just for HG users so far has paid out $490, 284 on 917 claims
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Russell Buchanan Half a million bucks
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Skyler Phillips I will turn it on again. I always liked the thought of being able to tell someone, well you should purchase that warranty. Thankfully that hasn’t had to happen.
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Ed Chatterton I like the idea of the warranty. Can we opt out of the phone call.
Impressive numbers
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Russell Buchanan we are working on a way (code) for some to turn off the phone calls but keep the warranty on. Some truth is though that HG support takes a lot of calls and quite honestly I wanted the warranty company to do some courtesy calling so we don’t spend our resources.
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Ed Chatterton Understandable.


I can undertstand your side of things but I do not like someone giving my information out and I will not do that to my customers. My privacy policy states that I do not give out or sell any information and, when I am asked, I tell my customers that.

As I said before, I liked giving my customers the option of the warranty and will gladly turn it back on if the calls are not going to take place or if I can opt my customers out of it.

Russell, Could you put a check box on the site by the report so it could be turned on in a case by case situation? I have turned it off by default already (stated my reasons before so I won’t go into the again). If a customer asks about a warranty, I could give them the information and turn on the option for them.

That may be an option in the future.