Home Warranty offer?

I’m reading the TRM templates, and there is one that mentions a home warranty offer when they sign in to get their report. Is that true? I don’t really want any upsale being pitched to my clients. Is there a way to omit this offer?

You should be able to turn the feature off in your dashboard if it’s not off already.

Also I don’t believe HG’s warranty is legal in Cali.

I’ll have to search the dashboard and see what’s going on.

You can edit all of the HG TRM templates to your liking. So if you want to remove the warranty offer you can, which I have.

I understand the part about the TRM, but the TRM says that the warranty offer is where they access their report.

Go to your HG dashboard, click on “Account”, then “My Settings”, “Global Home USA” to change your settings.

Thanks for the info. In my opinion the “warranty option” should be OFF by default, not ON.

We don’t offer it yet in California. We were told we would soon about a year ago and still waiting.

I adjusted all the settings about offerings. Thanks for the help. Edited the TRM’s too. Changed we to me or I. And deleted the warranty references.

Anyone offering this warranty able to share their experience? Realtors shouldn’t care because they cant get referral $ anyways? Offers better coverage? I don’t really want to upsell, but if its good for customers then I don’t think it hurts to give option? Thoughts.

There are two advantages to offering this warranty:

If the customer buys it and if the customer doesn’t. Both ways reduce the inspector’s liability.

It absolutely is paying out claims without the inspector even knowing it. I see the reports every month.

The one year full home warranty is a program that is home inspector oriented. It guarantees the home inspection covered items! Its the only warranty that requires a professional home inspection in order to qualify. Most warranty companies do not look at the home inspection and they will turn down the claim if it is determined that the problem existed before the warranty was purchased also called “pre-existing condition.” The HomeGauge extended care warranty is different. It is tied to the inspection itself. If the inspector passed the covered items as working without recommending further inspection or service by the tradesman then if that component fails it will be repaired or replaced no matter if it was pre-existing! The customer will not be turned down! In other words, get a home inspection by a professional that uses HomeGauge software and rest assured your components in the home listed in the warranty will be covered so long as the inspector did not find a problem. If the inspector does find a problem and the seller corrects it using a licensed tradesman, then that item is covered!

Very interesting, lost an inspection awhile back after I answered that I didn’t offer a warranty.

I have lots of inspectors opted IN on the one year home warranty. It also reduces your liability even if the customer doesn’t buy it. How? because it sets an awareness to the customer that you are not a warranty. The warranty is separate from a home inspection. The home inspector is not making any money on the warranty. He is offering a service to “qualify the home” for this warranty.

I can show you currently it is paying out thousands of dollars a month to customers of inspectors who use HomeGauge. The home inspector sleeps well.

If you offer it, no spamming takes place. The customer is offered to purchase the warranty and that’s it. They are not being called simply because of the number of inspections (thousands of inspections a week or thousands of buyers a week).

If the buyer does not buy the warranty and you get a call about a component that failed you can say " Did you buy a home warranty?" …NO I hired you. Yes well I am not a home warranty. I am a home inspector. My contract states that we are not a warranty company and do not guarantee your components from failure. Also, I gave you an opportunity to purchase a home warranty that I make no money on…as a service to you.

It helps set an awareness to your customers the difference between a home inspection and a home warranty.

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For those interested in what your buyer would see I have set up a sample buyer account.

Normally the buyer would get a link to your website to pick up the report, but in this sample go to www.HomeGauge.com

then enter this as the username: Samplebuyer318
and the pw : loftloft

See the ad on the right and or scroll to the bottom of the buyers report and see the offer, click and read about it.

Thanks Russell

Looks good, thanks for showing what looks like. I think this adds value. Any reason some are not offering?

Here the seller usually gives the buyer a warranty policy. And I wouldn’t do it anyway. I’m not an insurance salesman.

I don’t know of any negative myself.

In the year 2014 (last year) Our warranty program paid out $118,000.00

That’s one hundred and eighteen THOUSAND reasons why all inspectors should do it.

Just think, none of those inspectors received a call from an angry buyer because their warranty turned them down.