Home warranty’s

Okay so can someone educate me a little bit on the home warranty’s I see my competitors offering. What is the best company to use for this? And how exactly does it work?

I would not recommend offering Home Warranties. They are more trouble than they are worth.

Ok thanks ! I was reading on it earlier and it seems to be.

Those with nothing special to offer, give away free, worthless, warranties.

Okay great to know. Do you all provide gifts? I was thinking of a $20 Lowe’s gift card ?

Focus on providing the absolute best inspection you can, amazing customer service & a detailed report. Get better at inspecting, work hard, continue educating yourself, refine your report narratives & picture taking skills every single day. Did I mention customer service! Make them feel as if they are your only priority.
That is what your customers really want.

If you are going to give away a gift card, save it for some select (happy and vocal) clients as a marketing piece. Send it 60 days later as a house warming gift & to remind them of you. Maybe they will recommend you to someone else. (I might do this myself)

Well said. Yes I absolutely agree with everything you said. I’ll probably just leave it after the inspection so it’s not one more thing I have to remember to do 60 days later.

Ya you should. One of my competitors leaves a pie behind🙄 lol I feel like this is a much better idea. Not to sound greedy but you can write off 100% of a business gift expense up to $25 per gift on your taxes haha.