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I’ve notice more and more my competition is using home warrantys. I was wondering how much they are and which company do you recommend.
Thank you ahead of time.

I know a lot of folks use American Home Warranty http://www.ahomewarranty.com/
They used to have a special for NACHI members…don’t know if they still do or not.

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Hi Scott,

I have heard by an undisclosed source that FREA is working on being able to provide home warranties for inspectors to offer. I don’t know if they do yet, but we might be seeing it come down the road in the not too distant future. I don’t know much more, and I don’t know when. You can try calling them and asking.

Here is the NACHI link that provides information on the
Brinks security program that will pay for your home
warranty offer to customers.

You pay for the warranty and Brinks pays you.


I just signed with Brinks - you give them the info and they send a technician to inspect the security system. They will pay for the home warranty from American Home Warranty.
Doesn’t cost the HI anything. If the home doesn’t have a security system, you just have to get the buyer’s permission for Brinks to call them. It’s pretty sweet, as I’m to be listed on AHW’s website for inspections in my area. I originally contacted AHW, and they put me in touch with the local Brinks guy… he even bought me breakfast when we met! Here’s part of their brochure…

Brinks1.pdf (209 KB)

I have been using American Home Warranty for the past several years and it has been a good relationship. I buy my warranty’s in bulk and they cost $12.00 apiece. Over the years my clients have submitted several claims and where they were in the terms of the warranty, AHW has come through. They have paid for issues that I wouldn’t have caught such as the washing machine P-trap that had a hole in it. Client didn’t know there was a problem until the first couple of loads. AHW paid for the repair and problem solved.

This is one service that will set you apart and ensure that most surprise upon move-in don’t come out of your pocket or the realtors. For the cost I highly recommend it,


Rick, did you have to pay a start-up fee or something to AHW when you started with them?

Not here.

I thought that was part of their deal. I like the plan with Brinks - they were eager to get me started and the local manager was great.
Plus I get a little more service for my clients - they get a free alarm inspection too, with no sales pitch. I guess Brinks doesn’t have this program everywhere, though. They are way behind competitors in the Orlando market and so are pushing any advantage…

Thanks for the information. I signed on with American Home Warranty. I hope this will help me sell to the people who are price shopping.

American Home warranty wants $200 for start-up fee and $14.00 per application for 90 day plan…I’m thinking about it.

Louis - you should read the Brinks information. They provide the AHW 90 day warranty for free and there is no start up fee. All you have to do is add the Brinks disclaimer to your contract and forward them the info on whether the home has a security system or not. If not, the clients still get the warranty just for answering the Brinks call and declining the security service.

Granted it is one more hurdle, but for free (plus free security inspections for clients with systems) it is a good deal.


If you are looking to offer home warranties, contact Brinks, it is FREE.

We do not do the warranty program but use their Free security inspection as part of the inspection.

Their inspectors are great and are not intrusive or obstructive whatsoever. Clients also really appreciate the free security inspection.

We have worked with Brinks now for almost 5 years and of the thousands of inspections they have done with us, we have only had two complaints.

Whether you opt for the warranty or the Brinks inspection, the program is great.



Just to clarify - you get the warranty AND the inspection. The choice (at least the one I got) was either a referral fee for me of $15 or so, or a free warranty for my clients - so I opted to give my clients a free 90 day warranty (all of them if they agree to answer the phone when Brinks calls - even if they tell them to buzz off). They all get free Brinks inspections if they want them.

Been using Brink’s since 11-15-1999 long before the warranty program
Never, ever a problem of any type with homeowner, client or realtor
They’ve been faithful and financial supporters for local chapters of NACHI NT and NTTAREI

Texas Inspectors have to disclose on the report and use this form **REI 7B-0 **Fee or Other Valuable Consideration Disclosure for any others brought on in behalf of their clients

Available here http://www.trec.state.tx.us/formslawscontracts/forms/forms-propertyInspection.asp

I’m looking into it as well, but there is also a 120 day seller’s warranty. Does anyone utilize that too?