Home Warranty

As I was completing my last inspection the client wanted to know, now that i had found things wrong like the condition of the furnace and such, should she get the “home warranty” I didn’t know what to tell her but to discuss this with her realtor. What accually is a home warranty, and what does it cover, and can a buyer purchase one after a home inspection?

Realtors offer warranties to buyers which a buyer pays for or the realtor may provide it to the buyer. There are deductibles that apply and some have limitations as to how much they will pay for a certain item. You can also buy these warranties to present to your client as part of your home inspection. Brink’s offers a program for NACHI members. Search the archives for Brink’s info if you’re interesting in providing this service as part of you’re services.

Thanks I do offer the Brinks offer when I come across a security system. But what I need to know is are there different types of home warranties out there. Like I stated after I was about done with inspection, finding some major things wrong, they wanted to know about a home warranty was smart to get. What should our position be on this matter?


I am not aware of any reputable Home Owner Warranty (HOW) that would cover any pre-existing or potential problem identified in any inspection. I would recommend obtaining copies of terms from all major HOW companies, reviewing their terms and using them as a guideline to advise each client on a individual basis. I would personally shy away from advising on whether or not to purchase a warranty but instead explain their purpose and differences. The client needs to make up their own mind.

There are different terms on different warranties with different service levels, or expected service levels. I currently offer the Brinks HOW and also a free 90 day foundation warranty from a leading foundation repair company (Our area has highly expansive soils). If you look hard enough you may find local companies offering various warranties and possibly on specific systems or areas.