Home, WM, 4 point inspections

I just received a declaratory statement request to DBPR.

It points out the differences in Home Inspections and Insurance Inspections being Wind Mitigation and Four Point Inspections.
And asks DBPR to state that the SOP for home inspectors do not apply to inspections performed outside the scope of “Home Inspections” per FS.

It also mentions recent court case in South Florida where home inspector was negligent.

I thought lots of good points.

This can be found at Florida Admin weekly site.
Then do search for 61-30.
This should be the most recent item.
Open it and it will show the email where you can request a copy.
or email them at:

Ask to provide you a copy of the request for declaratory statement from John D. Tremper on December 11, 2014.

Richard Haynes

Correct address to request copy of declaratory statement.


Richard Haynes

At least someone is paying attention…

Thanks for the info I will check it out when I get a chance.

Richard, please keep up posted if or when DBPR decides to answer the question.

Don’t hold your breath with the DBPR.

They have 90 days to respond…

Yes, I will post when DBPR either issues a declaratory statement or denies the petition.

They have 90 days to answer.

I seem to remember another declaratory statement that took over a year to answer.
I guess no one forced them to respond in the required time frame.
I wonder if DBPR can be issued a citizens citation?

Richard Haynes