HomeAdvisor contractors, you are rolling the dice, told ya

and Home dork-O advisors tell homeowners they do a background check etc on these idiots, bullsht

safe, licensed contractors? Nope, so many fake azz wanna be’s out here, THEY are ALL mouth, not me, i back my shtt up and yet i hear waaaay too much shtt from ‘some’ HI’s, realtors, INT system az wipes etc, nah man… YOU people are the screwed up one’s, YEP

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He probably had just found out the price of that HomeAdvidor lead.


lololllllllllllllllllllll yes sir

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imo Homie Advisor is a damn fraud, these criminal contractors PAY them to be listed, pay more to be listed at TOP of their site or something like that and apparently they charge when homeowners call them, more fake zz American shtt, true man.

Too many Americans go to church and shake hands, hug and smile, they go to concerts and listen n laugh and so on but soon as they leave church or concert venue etc, they lie and cheat each other, wonderful world, keep it up pinheads sheesh

You are still learning about the :orangutan: ? Welcome to the planet of :monkey: :smiley: Enjoy your ride :wink: hope she’s a good one!

HomIE Advisor fined 7 mil, shttt, not enough

Simon lol, i posted shtt on these punks YEARS ago!!!

It’s us honest contractors who get fcddd, thrown a bone every now n then, some fcg crumbs while others PUMP the scammers, like interior drainage system companies, yes sir Simon

Told ya, Angie list , Home Advisor was a con, Better Business Bureau is a con for most part and so some building departments who only recommend interior system co’s to homeowners, how fcd up is that - hey man, some HI’s only recommend certain INT system co’s, more fcd up sht, TRUTH baby

Yeah, did you see the amounts the class action members will get out of that deal? Basically, $30 or $60 depending on what you were getting from HA. And I suppose some could qualify for both payouts and get $90 total. Another big win for the little guy, lol.

The redress program included in the order would administer two separate funds. The first would make payments of up to $30 to service providers affected by HomeAdvisor’s misrepresentations about its lead quality. The second would make payments of up to $59.99 to service providers who were told that the first month of their mHelpDesk subscription was free.


Might be a good time to buy :wink:

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screw these mfrs, sorry just saying lol


exxxxxxactly Mr Ryan! Contractors got screwed and homeowners got screwed = good ole American red white n blue blllshtt

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pardon me again but lolll, i forgot to mention 1 of the bigger lil bitchhhes who lie to homeowners = REALTORS!

“I trusted Home Advisor to help me find a safe, reliable, licensed contractor and they didn’t do that…to find out i welcomed a felon into my home and i was by myself was frightening”

What if that was YOUR wife or daughter? Not only being alone w/a convicted felon but also getting shoddy azz work done, out thousands $$… you suck Home Advisor and you ONLY really care about MONEY, that’s the stinking’ truth baby

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WOW, at least the first guy was impressively remorseful. That turn-around is stunning.

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