HomeAdvisor offers InterNACHI members a deal

The current deal is not for existing HA members? That’s no bueno. :man_shrugging:t3:

Be aware… since Angie’s List was bought out, they now have a name change to… Angi


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Angie Hicks interviewed me many years ago: Angie Hicks, Founder of angieslist.com quotes Nick Gromicko in IR camera article. - InterNACHI®

Hey everyone,
I’m really excited to be an inter NACHI Member, kinda takes me back to My Army days, one big happy Family. Love the Brotherhood feel to it.
I’m a new Certified Professional Inspector In Iowa. I’ve been following several posts, But being new to the industry, I have simply been absorbing all the priceless information in the forum. I Also really enjoy reading the abundance of “Playful” banter on here. Good for a laugh every morning,
Any Way, I have been following this Post particularly, and felt I could finally Share same thoughts and expertise on a subject I actually know a little bit about. I am a machinist by trade, still learning this industry of course.
But I have a lot of experience in Sales Management. I’ve worked for Franchise Auto Dealerships as a Sales Consultant all the way up to General Manager of a multi dealership group. I also had the pleasure of working for a Harley Davidson Dealership as a GM.
One thing I have learned through every stage of that career, was Follow up and Good Customer management, carried out on a consistent basis will produce results. The reason I bring this up is
Home advisor sorta rubbed me the wrong way when they called me pretending to be a potential client. I fell for it though and because of his efforts, ended up listening to his spiel, Which at the time was actually laughable. No way would I pay them $300 a year plus 20- 40 bucks a pop for a lead that, who knows how many other Inspectors have gotten as well. And then just let them keep all my money weather I got the job or not. (I had only been live with my business about a week at that time).
But when he called with this deal that Ben has Probably beat the guy up to make happen, (Please let the banter begin) haha. I took him up on it. And I have to tell you, they are really trying. I’ll share a few things that I like about it.

  1. If you contact the lead within 24 hours, then make contact by phone on at least one more occasion (on a different day), and try one more form of follow up, Text, Email, or another call. You can request a lead credit if you get no response. Which for me is no brainer because I will do at least that and more to follow up with a potential client anyway ,all you have to do is request it right there in the lead. and so far all of mine have been approved.
    If the lead falls even one mile outside any of the zip codes I’ve chosen as a service area. …Automatic Credit.
    If its obvious that the lead is just price shopping or clicked the wrong service or was a new inspector, just getting an idea what he should charge in his area…Not sure who would do that…But I sure did. haha
    Bottom line for me is this, I had one or 2 inspections under my belt almost 4 months in and was really starting to worry that I may have made the wrong decision.
    Since then, Home Advisor has provided me at least 10 new leads a week with over half of them legit, and I have averaged 2 to 3 inspections a week just through them. At about 22 bucks a lead, and the credit for the bogus ones , that a pretty good ROI.
    The last thing is, they provide you with a simple Customer Managment System, So you don’teven have to come up with one yourself.
    I have a good followup procedure that I have used for years , only tweaking it here and there to keep up with changing demographics and technology.
    If anyone decides to give Home Advisor a shot, or just needs a little help setting one up I’m more than happy to help.

Shoot me an email at mike@youraerialadvantage.com.

Thanks Everyone, now I feel like part of the family.

Mike McGhghy
Aerial Advantage Property Services
Keokuk, IA


Welcome to the forum Mike! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Thanks Tony. You are quite welcome Sir.

Good share Michael. I doubt most here will believe you however I do. I’ve had extremely good luck with HA. It sounds like it’s a good return on investment for you as well.

The difference between you and I and the people who complain about HA is that we’ve used it for more than a month. Nobody is going to hire a home inspector on HA with less than 10 reviews.

Yea, those were the days, when Service Magic and Angie’s List were in competition for our dollars. I advertised with both and had good luck with both, 16, 17 years ago. Then SM started sending me what I call dead end leads so I left them, they later then changed their name to Home Advisor, then a few years after that Angie sold out to them, now it’s “Angi”.

I’ve spent many thousands of dollars advertising with many different venues, and if I were to advise new guys today I’d tell them to get their site to the top of page one in Google searches, and there’s only one company that you can pay that will allow you to do that.

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Thanks Martin,

Home Advisor definitely doesn’t pay all my bills, but I will take the three or more I get from them. And It’s nice to see them actually trying to do the right thing , When it comes to the requests for credit and overall customer service has been steady too.

I don’t weigh in here much, I read every “issue” and learn. I don’t feel I have much to contribute beyond what more experienced home inspectors have to say. But on this issue Brothers, I have a word or two:

I used Home Advisor from June 2016 to August 2017. I had more than a dozen 5 Star reviews and all I ever received was 5 Star Reviews. I stopped using HA because… they lie.

  1. Cost per “lead”: They started me out with charging me “around” $15 for each lead. It was never a round number, always had some fraction of a dollar added to it. So, at the one year mark I did an analysis, and found I was working for HA. They had slowly, over the year, more than DOUBLED the cost per lead.
  2. They start off approving all the requests for lead credits, and slowly decrease the % if you use their “Lead Credit” feature in their software. So, I had to start calling them for every instance of a bad lead, and my time is money. Also, the answer was still “No Credit” if the “customer info” was bad. Their “reason”: We here at HA could not contact the customer to confirm… Duh!
  3. I suspected, but could not prove, that they “favor” their customers who who were complaining and threatening to quit. We went through several cycles where, just after calling them with my dissatisfaction, the leads came to us in time for me to be the first company to contact the “lead”. But soon, we’d call a lead within SECONDS of getting the lead from HA only to find the person asking why we were “just calling now”, as they already hired a different firm. I personally followed up on those when I could. When I could get the “lead” to answer specific questions, I found some of them had used the “shot-gun approach” to finding an inspector. They used Angie’s List, HA, Thumbtack, Yelp, and whatever else they could find and sat back and waited for their phone to ring. So, we were about the 5th company to call them, and they hired someone else yesterday. HA: “No credit”. But a few “leads” I spoke to claimed to have only used HA, and they had been contacted by another firm, who they hired, HOURS before I called them, and my staff called them within seconds of the lead (according to the the HA software, which tracks all that).
    So, they lie. Don’t trust them. Learn how to use Google Ads, Social Media, and watch (and take notes) on Ben G.'s “Hire Me For Seven Days.” It’s free, and fantastic.