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I’m Craig Cuddeback, COO of HomeCLUE, LLC. We are excited about working with you to build a reseller network for the HomeCLUE Home History Report[FONT=Calibri]™. We not only complement your efforts to provide your customers with greater transparency and factual information on their home, but also will work with you and your marketing efforts to help you be successful in your business. Please post your comments, questions, concerns and I will answer them as quickly as possible.[/FONT]

Hi Craig
Was thinking of offering property reports as a free service at $89 for 3 mo’s my cost.
How is this better or different from …http://www.buildfax.com/

Hi Bob, The build fax only offers building permit information. The HomeCLUE Home History report offers 7 years of insurance claim history (for customers in the due diligence process); same building permit information; nearby environmental hazards (1/3 to 1/2 mile radius from home); sales history of home; Natural hazard risk interactive maps (algorithm driven, not FEMA maps)for flood, wild fire, storm surge, earhquake; neighborhood information such as style (trendy, executive, college student,etc) , demographics, school rankings (comparing neighborhood school to district, city, state);crime ranking and risk of being a victim in this neighborhood; neighborhood 5-year appreciation trends; neighborhood foreclosure data with maps to show proximity; estimated insurance premium costs; actual insurance premium cost (if requested); estimated replacement costs.

As you can see for $99.95 your customer will get 50-60 report in 2 versions:

  1. Online interactive version (zoom feature, multiple views with overlays on Bing maps) for 60 days
  2. PDF downloadable version they can share with you and/or keep as part of file on the home.

You make $30 per report sold on ours. Since we sell you at a $69.95 net price you control the price you charge on your site. Also, you can buy from us and package the report with your serivces for one price. We have inspectors that want to buy the PDF report from us at wholesale, package price it with their services and email it to the customer with their site report on the property. We also link in to your social media and will provide your name as a local source in our regional media pitches.

We provide you with brochures to hand out as well that you can customize for your businesss.

EVery report ordered through your website carries your company name and contact information on it. When the customer clicks on the banner ad we provide you for your website, the go to a customized landing order page that has your companies name and info.

I hope this answers your questions. Let me know if not.

Hope to see you registered and be able to start working with you to generate revenue.


OK, thank You.
You have answered my question.

Are your report available for Canadian

No, right now its only the US

bob, thanks for your interest. let me know if I can help. cuddeback@homeclue.com

I like this report. I’m curious to find out if it sells.


Are you also allowing RE agents to sign up for this? Do NACHI members receive any protection or exclusiveity in our geographical areas to prevent any Non NACHI inspectors from signing up for this service?

Real estate agents can also sell the report. We are a new product on the market so we not offering exclusives at this stage. Our initial focus is on InterNACHI inspectors program.

Ralph, Sometime short answers aren’t enough. I want to add that my goal is to have a strong network of certified inspectors nationally. I’m focusing on InterNACHI members first. While I’m not offering exclusives, we want a few good resellers doing volume in a region that we can support by linking with our social media and PR campaigns. The home inspector reseller network is important to us strategically in our marketing plan because you see the prime customer for our product at the right time and place to make the sale. You also are marketing your services to the two other primary audiences for the report: home owners (whether listing their home or not), and home seekers.

Regarding real estate agents, this is not a vertical we are focusing on initially. We believe home inspectors offer a stronger channel for our product.

I can understand the appeal of being exclusive to you,but as a new company we need to see how well InterNACHI inspectors embrace the program and perform first. This product is challenging traditional home buying transparency so we need to see how the market reacts. We’re looking for feedback from our InterNACHI resellers to help us with our decisions.

I hope this better explains our position. We hope to see you register and give it a try. There is no risk and you can opt out at any time. http://internachi.homeclue.com

If not, I’d like to hear from you why you wouldn’t be interested.


Boys… InterNACHI members basically have first crack at this. After that, the offer goes out to the losers (oops I mean “non-members”);-). Jump on it now.

Hi Craig,
I need some clarification. I noticed that in the terms it states that:
You shall not publish any announcements or press releases regarding your affiliate partnership with HomeCLUE.
Does that mean we can’t sell the product through social media outlets such as through links on facebook or is it that we can’t publish that we’re affiliated with HomeClue. Meaning that we can show the product is available, just not saying that we are an affiliate partner.

Thanks for pointing that out I’ll look at that closely at that and change it if necessary. We want you to aggressively promote the HomeCLUE Home History Report and that you are resellers in all your traditional and social media marketing and PR. We want to link with your blogs and social media to leverage both our efforts. We provide reseller names as local experts when we pitch story ideas to local media.

Craig Cuddeback

I’m a little confused - does the report provide insurance claims history and if so, in what detail?

William, There are 3 reports for 3 target audiences: 2 for home buyers at different stages in the home buying process and 1 for home owners.

Due to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations governing insurance claim information, it can only be provided to buyers who have an accepted offer on the home and are in their due diligence period. This is when they contact you for an inspection. This is called the Post-Offer Buyer Report and is provided when the buyer indicates and verifies they have submitted and have an offer accepted. Otherwise, they recieve all the other information in the report except the insurance claim information. The home owner also does not recieve insurance claim information on their report due to requirements of the insurance industry.
The 3 audience and types of reports
1.** Post-Offer Report**:Buyer who has an accepted offer on the home and is in the due diligence period. This is the person who has contacted you for an inspection. This report will contain insurance claim information on any claims filed in the past 7 years. Insurance claim information contains-- date of claim, claim type, claim peril, amount paid, claim status, Catastrophic (yes/no), insurance carrier, C.L.U.E registration number
2.** Pre-Offer Report**: for someone looking at homes and wants more information on home and neighborhood. Don’t need to have made an offer on a home. This report contains all the information except insurance claim information. if someone orders this report and later places an offer on a home, we will provide the insurance claim history free.This person can be a good lead for your inspection sevices.
3. Home Owner Report: Home owners, whether they are going to list their home or not, will be interested in this report. I provides all the information on the home and neighborhood except insurance claim information. Another good lead source for your other services.

All that being said, the insurance claim information will not be included in any reports until November as we work through the technical requirements.

I hope this clarifes things. The insurance claim information, accounts for only a few pages of a 50-65 page report. Since we will be using the same database the insurance industry uses, this is the most accurate information available on insurance claims.

Let me know if you have more questions. Also, let me know how this effects your decision
Craig Cuddeback

Thanks, Craig. This makes sense and I believe it serves the diligent homebuyer well. I try to focus on the estate market and I think they will find great value in this. I should have the banner on my website this week. I am already working a mailer to my estate market realtors. Based on your clarification, the flyer you provided (very good) should reflect that only a homebuyer, under contract, is able to receive the insurance claims info. At present it appears anyone who orders can receive this. What do you think? One thing I do not want to do is advise an interested party they can’t have something the flyer sold them on - rather they understand upfront so I can build on the sale rather than disappoint them out of the gate. For me, in the realm of women and clients, if I diminish their expectation at any point in the relationship, William dines alone or not at all. Appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

Agree and good feedback on the brochure. I’ll take a look at it and make some changes accordingly. I sent this a a word doc so you can revise it as necessary. maybe make 2 or 3 different brochures with specific messages for the audience you’re sending it to. send me copies of anything you do so I can share them with others. we don’t have all the ideas so interested in hearing what works for you and what doesn’t.

I’ll send you what I change.

Bobby, we took out that sentence from the agreement. We want you to publicize being a reseller. thanks for the feedback.