Homegage vs. InspectVue (Who's Switched?)

A lot of good information. I, like others, am disappointed with the delay of the new improved version and then deluged with updates to the old style. What ever their reason is irrelevant, I really don’t care why. It’s the results that matter. As for InspectVue, I like the program and after all the time spent tweaking the narratives I hate to pull out. I’m still trying weigh the learning curve and narrative work of a new software against the delay of V5.

A lot of what I see as reasons to switch has to do with customer service and frustration of unfulfilled major upgrades. Functionality compared to others remembering there will always be some narrative adjusting is what I’m weighing. The folks that have posted in this thread have recently switched and are probably the best resource.

I’ll keep on eye on this thread for information. I don’t renew InspectVue until this fall and will need to decide by then.

On a side note… I appreciate a thread like this, it restores the image of NACHI and home inspectors. Thanks Joe

I would encourage all to at least try Homeinspectorpro, it is a free download, with tons of new features being created monthly. I am thouroughly pleased.

Me too. It just keeps getting better and better.
It’s fun to see some of one’s own ideas incorporated in the program. Dominic listens well.:smiley:

Thanks, I was well trained. The version you guys have with the new spell check and other features will be available to everyone else at the end of the week after you guys give it a run through.

Same for HG too. It’s great to have software folks (HIP and HG) that listen to the needs of the industry.

No slam on HG intended . I’ve talked to Russel several times and came very close to choosing HG.

Not taken as a slam. I was just bringing HG back into the discussion in the spirit of Joe’s original post.