Homegauge activation error

Russell, Sean, anyone, HELP:D

Happy New Year


What is the problem?..don’t see your new license number for V4?

If thats the case, log into www.HomeGauge.com and click on “My License and Services”, the new license number should be below the last version you were using.


Hi Dale,
If it were so simple!
I had a drive crash, yes I have back ups, so no data lose.
I forgot to active hg when I reloaded, I have my last report of the year finished but, I can not save it, and when printed it has “THIS IS NOT REGISTERD SOFTWARE” or something to that effect on every page.
So you see my delima, even thought of my laptop but then there is the no save problem. I just hope I can get reactivated and not lose the report.

Have Happy and Safe New Year

Well I think if you just reinstall your license number after you open the report software back up and click on the “Options” button at the top of the software and add your License Number it will work. (I hope for your sake anyway)…:smiley:

Or print the report and cut

off with Buck Knife and hand them the report…:smiley:

Regarding post #4 thats when I get the error.
Thanks for trying, by the way I thought you were still using ver 2, how do you know so much about ver 3?:smiley:

Bruce. I have taken care of it and you should be able to activate now.

Happy New Year to every one at InterNachi


www.InterNACHIgauge.com does not have this problem :cool: .

Ahhh…You caught me huh, Bruce…!..:smiley:

Happy New Year Everyone…!

Thanks Sean, just another example of the awsome support that comes with Homegauge.

Happy New Year to all.:smiley: :smiley:

They are great!