HomeGauge coming to Toronto, Ontario... click this link and scroll down.


Any inspectors who have not attended a national convention yet, should. I personally have been to all national conventions NACHI, ASHI, NAHI and others. While I enjoy being there for all of them, NACHI demonstrates the best hospitality to its exhibitors. Inspectors who belong to an organization should support it by being there. Exhibitors spend thousands of dollars just for that one show and if you want technology you should promote it by supporting your organization. HomeGauge is very proud to be the Main sponsor of this event and it was made possible by the many customers we have supporting us.

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He wants you and every one else to buy his product.

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Roy Cooke


We met in Barrie,Ontario you put on a very informative presentation!! Will see you in Toronto in May.



What I mean is, that many inspectors want bells and whistles and new improved bells and whistles as time evolves. Exhibitors come to these shows and literally spends thousands of dollars. If the inspectors stay home or doesn’t walk in to the exhibit hall at least to see whats available, then interest drops off. Then competition drops off between companies and soon the inspector’s market becomes less lucrative and technology doesnt advance. By inspectors showing up at the convention and giving recognition to the exhibitors stimulates growth in technology. Otherwise ehibitors will stop coming to the shows, which then limits funds for chapters and events which starts a downturn. Last year the ASHI and NACHI national show costed HG more than $20,000 (not counting extras like sponsorships). If no one shows up we become less interested in showing up ourself. If many inspectors attend however, it stimulates companies like mine to create better mousetraps.

…Did I confuse you more?

Our industry relies heavily on innovation by industry vendors like HomeGauge. What would we be without software, websites, tools, schools, etc? Consumers (our clients) are the ultimate beneficiary of the products and services vendors offer and HomeGauge is a front leader in the innovation of these products and services.

Come to Toronto and see your future.

Look at the bright side, you probably need tax relief anyway…:smiley:

No, you didn’t confuse me any, I already have HomeGauge, so I’m not going to a convention in Canada to see you…:smiley:

I try my best to offer positive feedback right from my deck to this message board when ever anyone asks about “What is the best software”…:smiley:

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Tell Sean, the new version of HomeGauge has so many bells and whistles you guys can stay in North Carolina for a while until the other companies catch up…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Many times HG doesnt need to respond to posts because supporters like you Dale are right there. We are grateful every time we see your posts. It’s true, you dont have to come see me in Toronto. But the show would be better if you attend!

If I am able (allowed by the wife) to go to the confrence I would hope that hame gauge will haveclasses on how to maximize the use. I own your software and have been very impressed. But, there is always more to learn.

If I weren’t on the West Coast of Canada, I’d be there, Russel! You guys make a very fine product that I am a very happy user of. I continually get compliments of how my reports look better than so many other formats that are “out there”.

Arne Larsen