Homegauge Companion update

Now at the Google Play Store.

We have reduced clicks for:

taking a picture,
taking video (our video actually works on customers phones and browsers too)
adding text
and more…

more to come in a series of improvements.

ios…we are on our last known bug (really we are), so stay tuned ios users.

Thanks Russell.
HG Rocks!!!

I did my first inspection in the morning did the update and I’m doing my second inspection in the afternoon what a beautiful new interface can’t wait to get started

Big improvement. Nice job reducing the photo clicks.

Thanks Russ! Downloading now

We have a few opinions that the icons could look better the design or art work if you will. Let me know ideas on color or we may just go with black and gray. The functionality though should be a marked improvement. Let me know honest feedback and more suggestions. Meanwhile, Sean has a list and he is doing them in a series of releases so stay tuned for more!

Halfway through this inspection and its a lot quicker with this interface

There were two updates today so if you have any issues make sure you get the second update the version ends in .91

Thanks John. These improvements and more as a direct result of our user suggestions. We listen. Help us make it better.

Russ do you mean 9.1. I see after update.

yes…that’s the latest…sorry about that

Nice. Thanks Russell!

No problem. I appreciate the awesome updated version. I do have a question. I can’t seem to find guidance on how to search through my list of narratives once I pull them up on mobile. Is it searchable? As of right now it appears I have to scroll through the entire list to get to the narrative I want. Am I missing something?

maybe. You can use keywords at each comment and then as you scroll look for the keywords. Or, you can select the option under menu that only shows the keywords. Lastly, you can make more sub folders at the Template ALL Comments window in the main version and then you can use the auto-comment “filter” drop down that will show up in the HG Companion to get to that specific sub folder.

For instance your plumbing folder may have waste and supply and all the comments associated with these two. You could go to Template ALL COMMENTS and make sub folders under supply like sinks, toilets, hose bibs, piping, etc. and then your comments can be quickly filtered

I haven’t used the Android companion for about a year because placing photos was too time consuming. I just blew through a inspection with about 70 photos and comments in two hours. Reports done and I’m off to my next inspection. Feeling groovy right about now.

Great! I’m sorry it took so long to change or update. More updates coming soon. Meanwhile, feel free to suggest more improvements after you have used it for a bit.

The update is great. Thanks Russell.

Will you guys be coming out with away to upload multi pics with out clicking the check mark every time on every photo? If not a alternative to just click on the photo file in the app and multi select the photo off the device for that component.

this would be a great feature, that would save us so much time. :smiley: