Homegauge E&O Insirance

Has anyone here used the E&O insurance offered by Homegauge. You are charged by the Inspection. $1,000,000 E&O and general liability with a $1,000 liability. Seems like a good deal. Looking for any first hand knowledge

How much per inspection?

It is a sliding scale. You pay $270 up front which covers your first 25 inspections. Then inspections 26-100 cost is $20 per Inspection. Then 101-200 is $12 per Inspection. Over 200 $7 per Inspection.

It would cost more in the long run but for a new Inspector just getting started and not having a lot of inspections it might be cheaper.

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Thank you for this information it was very helpful.

You are very welcome. I am not advocating this insurance at this time just trying to gain more information myself. Trying to find if anyone has used it and what their experiences have been.