HOMEGAUGE Florida users

How many of you Homegauge users in the Orland or Jacksonville area would like to see Rusell come down and do a local 2 day training session? We need at least 10 people at $200.00 each to be able to put this on. I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t go up to Ashville and pay for meals and motel for that kind of money.

I will go if you pay for me Bruce

Take one day to play with Homeguage, and you will know all you need to know, and then some. Create some make believe reports, go through all the templates. In most cases, the NACHI system by system template will suffice. I use room by room if customers want a more detailed report, and are willing to pay a premium for it (lots more pictures, more time to produce). For new homes, which usually have less defect items, I use Russell’s system of entering on the tablet as I go. For older homes, I take pics, make a few notes, and finish at the office. Another thing that is helpful in some situations (such as that 19th century victorian), is making a checklist following the style of the template. Very efficient.