HomeGauge giving away a laptop computer for Daily Door Prize Anniversary.

On July 25, 2007 we will be giving away numerous door prizes as part of our 1 year Daily Door Prize Anniversary www.nachi.org/dailydoorprize.htm

One of the prizes includes a laptop computer donated by HomeGauge.

Many other door prizes will be given out that day, so be here!

Thanks Russell!

just practicing


Me! Me! Me! Sorry I’m just practicing my opera!

cha chiiingggg

And Roy Cooke is giving away a pretty Orange Canadian Fifty Dollar Bill to some lucky person via Nick at NACHI


Count me in! I like the color orange Roy!

WOW ! I’m taking the day off that day, and programming my 4 computers to automagically look for, and answer to, that Daily Door Prize!:twisted:

(don’t I wish…):roll:

I’ll be on $*%&! vaction. Hopefully I’ll have an umbrella table and a wireless connection :cool:

**NACHI X-Mas in July!!! **July 25th

Happy Hollidays to all!