HomeGauge Glitches

Homeguage users

Do you ever run into issues with glitches that prevent you from completing your report?

How easy is it move all narratives from HIP to HG?

I am thinking about switching.


I really like Homegauge no glitches t date. Some with iPhone 6 but they worked them out. Much easier than what I was using.

I have never in over 5 years lost a report or had a glitch. The only real issues I had were quick time and video stuff in the past. With the exception of some video growing pains, the software has worked flawlessly.

Had no issues or glitches to date. Moving over narratives i am not sure how easy or hard that would be as I came from ReportHost to HG. I found it really easy to add narratives into the system. HG templates come with some good auto fill type narrarives you can use. Then you can add your own into the system. Are you thinking about switching to HG? It is the best and original reporting softwares out on the market.:smiley:

Thanks Guys

I don’t want to switch, if its just the industry standard, but sounds like it isn’t!

No problems in over 8 years.
Home Gauge founder is a home inspector who understands our needs.
Even Bob is seriously considering switching because it takes him over 3 hours to complete his report after he completes the home inspection.

The little glitches didn’t matter so much before, and my software is heavenly compared to the AHIT crap I had years ago. But now every minute matters, and I waste them every single day. I need a flawless software.

I didn’t know that.

What is glitching Juan ?

I’ve been with HG since 2005 or 06 and have never had an issue that prevented me from completing, or uploading, a report. Highly recommend HG.

I have been experiencing a glitch where I can take a photo, but when I try to add a comment, the software shuts down automatically. It’s very frustrating!

Did you contact Russell?

No problems with completing HomeGauge reports in 6 plus years. Still have all reports on file.

No problems ever with HIP reports here going on 8 years.
Usually it is operator error when people have issues.
When it comes to mobile however there can be glitches with any app at times as the devices have miniature hardware and are not great at multitasking.

Just occasional glitches? Does the program close on you? Lose data? Just curious, because I’m thinking about buying HI pro.

What software are you using now?

Inspectit from ahit. It’s awful

The program used to close out but updates stopped that.
I wonder if Juan is up to date ?

Brenner the mobile HIP saves everything after each entry now in days so not sure how Juan would possibly lose anything.Maybe he will elaborate at some point ?

There’s no conversion software. I’m doing it right now. It’s slow and laborious.