Homegauge Help?!

Anybody out there know homegauge software well enough to give me a clue on how to delete a couple of pages?
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What pages are you attempting to delete John?

If you want to delete template items, and these are what you’re referring to as pages, you will need to go to the top where it says “template” and click on that and the option to delete the item appears.

If you are asking about removing a page from the final print output, then you can go to “print options” and select which pages to include or which to not include.

Thank you Humberto,
When I go to print it includes an invoice (I do not want included) and a page that says important read watch this HGtour to eliminate confusion and talks about a inspec agreement( I don’t want this either)

Then you’ll need to go to the upper left column and click on “print options”. When the dialogue box opens up, you’ll see a small “wrench” on the right side for options. Click on that and the next dialogue box will show you all the pages that are included for print. Uncheck the one that says “agreement” and the one that says “invoice”. and you should be good to go then.


Thanks that helped. I finally saw the edit button that was there all along.

No problem.Glad to have helped.


Yes you can Print what you would like under the section when it ask you to print . you choose what you would like to print when it ask you to print . other wise you cant delete from the software .
you have a check box on each section to exclude.

Best way to avoid problems with Homegauge is to buy Home Inspector Pro. He He :slight_smile:

lol Jay.